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LDPR joins campaign in Penza “Tri Gvozdiki” public garden

17:04 | 23.06.2016 | Society


Penza, 23 June 2016. PenzaNews. The activists of the regional Liberal Democratic Party branch joined the campaign for protection of the Karpinskovo street “Tri Gvozdiki” public garden that had been created in Penza to celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Great Victory.

LDPR joins campaign in Penza “Tri Gvozdiki” public garden

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The campaign on Memory and Grief Day was organized by youth activists. They were joined by WWII veteran colonel (retd.) Alexander Balakshin, 91, who called the opening of a restaurant “Munich” next to the WWII Victory public garden an act of outrage.

“The German city of Munich is considered to be the cradle of German Nazi ideology. It was the place where Hitler began the Second World War. I think that the drinking establishment called ‘Munich’ must not exist next to the public garden dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Victory. If it goes this way, they should either remain this monument to Nazis or the monument to the Victory,” he said.

The regional LDPR branch coordinator Alexander Vasilyev supported the veteran’s position, at the same time pointing out that the owner of the restaurant committed no formal breach of Russian legislation by naming his establishment in this fashion.

“But I think that placing an establishment with such a name next to a Great Victory public garden is a breach of any morals,” he stressed.

The representatives of “Munich,” as well as officials (although they were not invited), ignored the event, the press service of the Penza regional LDPR branch told PenzaNews.

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