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Ivan Malikov sees no need to review Tuzov’s case verdict apart from compensation amount

19:25 | 23.06.2016 | Society


Penza, 23 June 2016. PenzaNews. The “VolgaInterMedia” president Ivan Malikov claimed that he sees no need to review the verdict over Alexander Tuzov’s case, apart from the amount of compensation that was halved by the court.

Ivan Malikov sees no need to review Tuzov’s case verdict apart from compensation amount

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“There are no arguments that could be used by the defendant to appeal or even cancel the verdict of the court of first instance. However, the amount of compensation can be adjusted. Obviously, we will only stand for doubling the amount of compensation, from 265,000 to 530,000 rubles,” Ivan Malikov said, adding that overall he is satisfied with the motivation of the verdict that became available to the PenzaNews editorial office on Thursday, June 23.

According to him, the document is currently studied by lawyers, including those based in Moscow.

“We are quite interested to see their opinion on that. According to their recommendation, I will be deciding whether we are going to appeal the claim amount in the 11th Arbitration Appeal Court, which we are legally allowed to do. There is a possibility that we will use it,” Ivan Malikov added.

He also stressed that he does not understand Tuzov’s happiness and euphoria “that gets purged onto the Internet over the outcome of the case.”

“Firstly, Tuzov lost, and lost big. Secondly, 265,000 rubles – nearly 272,000 rubles with state dues – is a big sum for Penza, to say it clearly. This is an average person’s yearly income. Thirdly, the court expenses will be taken from Tuzov in a separate case, and the amount will also be substantial since we had to make 47 notarized protocols. I see no reasons here to be overly happy and euphoric here, to be frank. Although it is likely that Tuzov just tries to save face and make the sum seem insignificant to him. Let’s see how he is going to pay it out. Even a rich man is quite unlikely to part with 250,000 rubles – too sad to do so,” Ivan Malikov concluded.

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