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Kuznetsk prosecutor who supported recognition of anti-AIDS NPO as foreign agent withdraws claim

13:40 | 09.08.2016 | Society


Penza, 9 August 2016. PenzaNews. The prosecutor of Kuznetsk Alexey Anoshin withdrew a claim for compulsion of regional youth public organization for prevention of the negative phenomena among youth “Panacea” to submit to management of Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the Penza region the statement for its inclusion in the register of the NPO carrying out functions of the foreign agent.

Kuznetsk prosecutor who supported recognition of anti-AIDS NPO as foreign agent withdraws claim

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As the chairman of the board of public organization “Panacea” Darya Antonova informed PenzaNews, it became known during the session in Kuznetsky area court on Tuesday, August 9.

“It was proved by [prosecutor] the fact that the organization self-destructs all the same. No reason to continue,” the agency interlocutor explained.

She specified that the decision on liquidation of NPO engaged in anti-HIV/AIDS propaganda was made in connection with current situation.

“It is because of these problems. If we were suddenly recognized as a foreign agent, there would be additional problems with reports, risk of administrative responsibility. I will close the organization, I’ve had enough,” Darya Antonova said.

The basis for the prosecutor’s appeal to court, according to the claim a copy of which is available to PenzaNews, was the fact that the actual activity of “Panacea” allegedly differs from that in the charter and has political character, and there is also evidence of receiving money from foreign sources.

According to the contract of September 16, 2013, the NPO was to receive a donation of 1,140,825 rubles from Esvero non-profit partnership for the “Support of Access to Prevention and Treatment of HIV by Development of Services among Consumers of Injecting Drugs in the Russian Federation” project. At the same time a part of the donation had to be transferred as money, and the remaining part — in the form of syringes, needles, test systems, condoms and information materials. Taking into account additional agreements the total amount of a donation amounted to 1,297,314 rubles.

The analysis of cash flow on the settlement account showed that under this contract “Panacea” received about 1,116 thousand rubles.

The prosecutor also referred to conclusions of the expert, doctor of jurisprudence, professor of the Penza state university Vitaly Goshulyak.

Thus, the claim states that activity of “Panatseya” organization “not only is not coordinated with the Russian authorities, but also enters in serious contradiction with public policy in the sphere of prevention of drug addiction and AIDS.”

Also it contains a conclusion that it is not only humanitarian, “but ideological and even political project” which purpose is planting arrangements contradicting national interests of Russia.

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