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9 August 2016

Russian team wins “Master gunsmith” competition near Penza

09.08.16 18:12 | Society

The team of Russia won in the international competition among specialists in repair of the rocket and artillery arms “Master gunsmith” which came to the end on the ground “Uchebny” near Penza.

167 people died of alcohol poisoning in Penza region in six months

09.08.16 17:49 | Society

167 lethal cases of poisoning with alcohol-containing products are registered in the Penza region in the first half-year 2016, states the report published on Rospotrebnadzor website on Tuesday, August 9.

Varlamov seized 210 thousand rubles from “Express” for photos published on “Penza Press” website

09.08.16 17:31 | Society

The Arbitration Court of the Penza region decided to collect 210 thousand rubles from LLC Express Advertising Agency in favor of the famous Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov as compensation for the copyright violation expressed in illegal reproduction of 20 of his photos on ...

PenzaNews registers cheating attempts in poll in favor of two parties

09.08.16 16:18 | Politics

Technical specialists of PenzaNews registered several attempts of boosting the number of voices in favor of two political parties in poll about the upcoming elections in the State Duma of Russia initiated on the agency website on July 29 and to be over by August 13.

Bank Kuznetsky confirms bank credit rating at “B ++”

09.08.16 14:31 | Economy

The AK&M rating agency has confirmed the bank credit rating of Penza Bank Kuznetsky at “B ++” on the national scale with a “stable” outlook.

Kuznetsk prosecutor who supported recognition of anti-AIDS NPO as foreign agent withdraws claim

09.08.16 13:40 | Society

The prosecutor of Kuznetsk Alexey Anoshin withdrew a claim for compulsion of regional youth public organization for prevention of the negative phenomena among youth “Panacea” to submit to management of Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the Penza ...

Decision on closing “Sputnik” embankment to be made by end of November

09.08.16 12:19 | Society

The marketing director of construction holding Termodom Tatyana Planina informed PenzaNews that the final decision on closing embankment of city “Sputnik” located in the village of Zasechny, the Penza region is scheduled to be made by the end of November 2016.

Ivan Malikov looking forward to motivation part of resolution in Tuzov’s case

09.08.16 12:16 | Society

The president of LLC VolgaInterMedia Ivan Malikov declared that he is looking forward to the motivation part of the resolution of the Eleventh Arbitration Court of appeal in Tuzov’s case, according to which the former decision made by the Arbitration Court of the Penza ...

Over two thousand people admitted to Penza state university

09.08.16 09:26 | Education

The total of the entrants admitted to the Penza state university amounted to 2,253 persons.

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