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Russian team wins “Master gunsmith” competition near Penza

18:12 | 09.08.2016 | Society


Penza, 9 August 2016. PenzaNews. The team of Russia won in the international competition among specialists in repair of the rocket and artillery arms “Master gunsmith” which came to the end on the ground “Uchebny” near Penza.

Russian team wins “Master gunsmith” competition near Penza

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On Tuesday, August 9, the Russian team became the leader of the IV stage final relay. The second and third places were taken by the teams of China and Kazakhstan respectively.

The peculiarity of the stage was the involvement of all team members and the conveyor-type of repair of arms, military and specialized equipment.

The competition could be divided into two stages — dismantling exemplars of shooting and artillery arms on each technical position with the subsequent baton pass and their conveyor assembly.

Operability of the assembled weapon and means of near fight was checked by target shooting, and the 23-millimetric ZU-23 antiaircraft guns and the 122-millimetric towed howitzer D-30A— blank ammunition.

Besides, it was the only stage in which contestants competed in repair a fighting vehicle of jet system of volley fire Grad BM-21.

Results of relay were defined by harmonious work of not only the platoon altogether, but also each serviceman separately. The winner of the final relay was defined on the conditional run time of all operations including penal time.

The international competition “Master gunsmith” took place on the ground “Uchebny” of the Penza artillery engineering institute from August 1 to August 10 within Army international games – 2016. The participants were the teams of armed forces of Russia and Kazakhstan, and also People's liberation army of China.

Competitions included more than 30 standards for repair and upkeep of artillery, zenith, shooting arms, gunfire skills, and also driving and upkeep of automotive and specialized vehicles.

Following the results of the first stage of the competition the Russian team became the winner, at the second stage the best result was shown by representatives of China, and the third and fourth stages brought victory to Russia again.

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