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Patrons awarded with medals “For improvement of Penza”

17:01 | 28.12.2016 | Society


Penza, 28 December 2016. PenzaNews. Famous entrepreneurs who made a valuable contribution to the city development, improvement and streets decoration for New Year received medals “For improvement of Penza” at the grand event, which took place on Wednesday, December 28.

Patrons awarded with medals “For improvement of Penza”

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Turning to those present, the head of the city administration Victor Kuvaytsev noted that the tradition of patronage is revived in Penza.

“Wealthy people with good income always helped those who turned to be in a difficult life situation, they distinguished themselves by patronage and helped to develop the territories and the cities where they had their business,” he said at the ceremony.

Victor Kuvaytsev noted that the entrepreneurs’ contribution to the Penza development is especially valuable taking into account the difficult economic situation.

The mayor also added that positive changes can be seen by the unaided eye.

“Once we took the decision and introduced the medal ‘For improvement of Penza’. Recently we awarded the governor of the Penza region Ivan Alexandrovich Belozertsev with this medal,” the head of the city administration explained.

In turn, the Penza head Valery Savelyev drew the public’s attention to the fact that people become sponsors not for the sake of awards but following their heart.

“It is very important,” he said adding that it would be difficult to solve many issues without the help of businessmen.

The head of the city noted that entrepreneurs help to decorate Penza before New Year two years in succession and no money from the budget is spent for this.

“It is very nice that new monuments and public gardens appear, roads are repaired, and a lot of other things are done in the city. The city becomes better and it happens thanks for you, supporters, sponsors,” Valery Savelyev emphasized.

After that, the medals were awarded to the general director of LLC “Reviera” Ashot Akopyan, the non-executive director of LLC “Zhilstroy” Ildar Akchurin, the director of the municipal unitary enterprise “Penzgorstroyzakazchik” Vadim Borinshtein and the regional director of the operational office “Penzensky” of the Volga branch of the public company “Promsvyazbank” Alexei Vasin.

In addition, the awards were received by the general director of LLC “Avtodoroga” Tatyana Nedopekina, the general director of LLC “San-Liko-Invest” Ivan Nikolayev, the general director of CJSC “Penzenskaya gorelektroset” Vladimir Ryabinin and the general director of LLC “SSV” Sergei Smirnov.

The medal “For Penza improvement” was also received by the private entrepreneur Gaspar Baboyan and the general director of LLC “Construction group Risan” Sergei Lisovol, who were unable to be present at the award ceremony.

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