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28 December 2016

First Penza technology park for children to be named “Kvantorium”

28.12.16 18:12 | Education

The first technology park for children in Penza will be named “Kvantorium”, the construction works will start in 2017. This was reported by the Minister of Education of the Penza region Alexander Voronkov.

Patrons awarded with medals “For improvement of Penza”

28.12.16 17:01 | Society

Famous entrepreneurs who made a valuable contribution to the city development, improvement and streets decoration for New Year received medals “For improvement of Penza” at the grand event, which took place on Wednesday, December 28.

US company plans to build waste recycling plant in Penza

28.12.16 16:19 | Economy

The construction of the waste recycling plant in the Penza territory became the main issue of the working meeting, which was held in the mayor’s office, featuring representatives of the city administration, JCS “Penza region development corporation” and the investing company.

Penza mayor urges workers to walk more often

28.12.16 12:10 | Society

The head of the Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev suggested that the people responsible for road maintenance in wintertime get out of cars more often in order to have a chance to assess the quality of the pavement cleaning after the snowfall.

Repairs of more than 300 km of Penza roads of regional importance planned for 2017

28.12.16 10:10 | Society

The repairs, including capital ones, of more than 321 km of the roads of regional importance is planned to be carried out in the Penza region in 2017. This was announced on the website of the regional Ministry of Construction.

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