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Protest aimed at saving 40 horses held near Penza government

20:42 | 04.07.2017 | Society


Penza, 4 July 2017. PenzaNews. A one-person protest aimed at preventing death of horses that used to belong to the breeding stud farm "Zavivalovsky" was held under the windows of the Penza regional government on Tuesday, July 4.

Protest aimed at saving 40 horses held near Penza government

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As it was reported on the website of the united movement of Russian peoples "Federal Rural Council", it was conducted by the civic activist Igor Alexeev.

He held a poster that contained an address to the governor of the Penza region.

"Ivan Alexandrovich Belozertsev! 40 pedigree riding horses of the stud farm 'Zavivalovsky' expect death. We say thank you for this to the minister [of agriculture of the Penza region Andrei] Burlakov. Doesn't Penza need children's equestrian sport, equine therapy and a cost-effective social cluster?" the text states.

It also provides information on the fact that the regional budget equals to 42.4 billion rubles, while saving the horses requires only 8.5 million rubles.

"In 2012 pedigree horses in the region were saved by the governor Bochkarev. In 2017, it is you who can save them. This is what a true job of 'United Russia' is. This is what your and our choice is," the message on the poster adds.

Earlier, the ex-worker of the breeding stud farm "Zavivalovsky" Victoria Panurina, who had worked there for 10 years occupying also the position of director, told PenzaNews that after the enterprise was privatized, the issue of selling horses of the riding department got under consideration.

According to her, in order to avoid elimination of the livestock, the horses were bought by the individual entrepreneur Kanvyar Tugushev, who cannot keep them any longer.

She specified that two months ago, the governor Ivan Belozertsev ordered the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Andrei Burlakov to find a legal mechanism for purchasing the horses, which can be saved by creating a horse riding school in Kamenka or Penza. However, by the moment, there was no progress observed in the situation.

On Friday, June 30, the issue was discussed during a working meeting in the regional government. According to its results, it was decided to consider the possibility of buying all or a half of the pedigree horses of riding sports breeds by agricultural goods producers, who are supported by budget funds.

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