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Best power engineers awarded in Penza

16:10 | 22.12.2017 | Society


Penza, 22 December 2017. PenzaNews. Honouring of power engineers was conducted during the solemn event dedicated to the professional holiday, which was held in the Penza regional philharmonic hall on Friday, December 22.

Best power engineers awarded in Penza

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Turning to veterans and workers of the industry, the governor Ivan Belozertsev noted that without work of the fuel and energy complex the region would not have achieved the success it had shown at the end of the year.

"I want to thank you for the great work we have been implementing together in the Penza land. It is a joint effort. The further development of our region, the creation of workplaces, and taxes, which mean well-being of our citizens, are greatly dependent on how effective we carry out this work and what its quality is.

Ivan Belozertsev noted the coordinated work of energy companies in emergency situations arising from adverse weather conditions.

"I am extremely grateful to you for your labour, for your operative work. I hope that in 2018, we will work well coordinated to implement those tasks and investment projects which we already have and those which are only planned," he said.

In turn, the deputy head of the Penza administration for urban economy Yury Ilyin noted that thanks to the work of the fuel and energy complex residents did not perceive light and warmth as benefits of civilization but took it for granted.

"When a steady supply is interrupted, it causes great discomfort but fortunately we have you who do not only give these benefits of civilization but can also restore them in case of emergency situations. Thank you for this work," he said.

Yury Ilyin  wished PJSC T Plus good luck in particular expressing hope that January 2018 will be more effective for the company than January 2017 when a partial collapse of the roof occurred at thermal power plant No. 1 leading to a mass shutdown of heat in almost 30-degree frost.

In continuation of the event, the best employees of the energy industry were awarded with letters of acknowledgement and certificates.

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