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22 December 2017

Best power engineers awarded in Penza

22.12.17 16:10 | Society

Honouring of power engineers was conducted during the solemn event dedicated to the professional holiday, which was held in the Penza regional philharmonic hall on Friday, December 22.

Woman dies in collision of three cars near Penza, child hospitalized

22.12.17 11:31 | Incidents

A young woman who was driving a car VAZ-210 died in a car accident involving cars Toyota Land Cruiser and GAZel, which occurred on the highway Saratov-Nizhny Novgorod in the Penza region on Thursday, December 21. This was reported by the propaganda department of the traffic police of the regional department of the Ministry of ...

Exhibition of old Christmas decorations and postcards opened in Kuznetsk

22.12.17 11:06 | Culture

The exhibition of Soviet Christmas tree decorations, postcards, confetti, envelopes and telegrams "It's time for New Year lights" was opened in the exhibition centre of Kuznetsk of the Penza region.

Company from Zarechny to build barrier on border of Crimea and Ukraine

22.12.17 09:50 | Society

The Border Guard Department of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation on the Republic of Crimea signed a contract with the LLC Production and Installation Centre Start-7 from Zarechny of the Penza region for construction of almost 50-kilometre barrier on the boarder of the Crimean peninsula and Ukraine. This was ...

Experts put Penza on list of richest and most self-sufficient cities of Russia

22.12.17 08:59 | Society

The consulting agency Strelka put Penza on the list of the richest and most self-sufficient regional centres of Russia basing on the results of analysis of revenues and expenses. This was reported by RBC, whose journalists got acquainted with the study.

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