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Penza governor indignant at low salaries of postal workers

15:32 | 10.05.2018 | Society


Penza, 10 May 2018. PenzaNews. Governor Ivan Belozertsev expressed indignation about low salaries of postal workers after a specialist of the new format office in Kulakova street in Penza said that hew salary was about 11,000 roubles and that in hand she received only a little bit more inclusive of all bonuses.

Penza governor indignant at low salaries of postal workers

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"Their salary is small but the workload is enormous. This results in personnel turnover," the region head noted in a conversation with Natalia Arbuzova, director of the Penza region department of the federal postal service Russian Post.

To make no unsubstantiated statements Ivan Belozertsev asked workers of the post office about the level of their salaries.

After one of them said that she received only 11,000 roubles, Natalia Arbuzova barely restraining her frustration clarified that this was only the basic part.

"This is your rate of pay but your salary is absolutely different," she emphasized.

The employee agreed to this adding that monthly she got over 12-13,000 roubles.

"This is what I mean. Thank you a lot for your work. Of course it does not depend on the head of the post service but different ways out should be considered," Ivan Belozertsev commented on what he had heard.

He expressed the opinion that post office workers should receive no less than the average for the region's economy.

In addition, the governor noted that at some enterprises of the Penza region salary reaches 70,000 roubles.

"Their work influences mood of the population," the region head said drawing attention to an important social function fulfilled by specialists of post offices.

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