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10 May 2018

Damate workers with their families lay out alley on Victory Day

10.05.18 16:40 | Society

Workers of Damate Group together with their families laid out an alley on the occasion of Victory Day in the Nizhnelomovsk area of the Penza region, where production facilities of the holding are located.

Alexander Emelyanenko and Khabib Nurmagomedov to come to Penza to Battle on Sura - 7

10.05.18 16:09 | Sport

Fighters of mixed martial arts Alexander Emelyanenko and Khabib Nurmagomedov, who won the title of UFC champion in lightweight in spring 2017, will be special guests at the Battle on Sura - 7, which will be held in the sports and entertainment complex Diesel-Arena in Penza ...

Penza governor indignant at low salaries of postal workers

10.05.18 15:32 | Society

Governor Ivan Belozertsev expressed indignation about low salaries of postal workers after a specialist of the new format office in Kulakova street in Penza said that hew salary was about 11,000 roubles and that in hand she received only a little bit more inclusive of all bonuses.

First post office with self-service area opened in Penza

10.05.18 12:58 | Society

The post office located in the apartment building No. 1 in Kulakova street in Penza became the first office in the region that started to work in a new format.

Verdict on case of porno distribution enters into force

10.05.18 11:03 | Crime

The verdict, according to which a resident of the Gorodishchensky area of the Penza region received a 2 year suspended prison sentence for illegal distribution of pornographic materials, entered into force.

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