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Opposition activist arrested after curse on United Russia released in Penza

15:15 | 24.07.2018 | Society


Penza, 24 July 2018. PenzaNews. Regional coordinator of Left Front Victor Khomets, who alone placed a 10-metre banner with the inscription "United Russia, damn you for retirement age increase!" at the fence of an overpass in Penza was released from the detention centre at the village of Lesnoy, where he had served administrative punishment in the form of one-day arrest.

Opposition activist arrested after curse on United Russia released in Penza

Photo: The press office Left Front

According to the opposition activist, over the last day he had received a lot of new impressions as well as made sure that the campaign involving the banner at a bridge found a lively response among different segments of population – it was even appreciated by law enforcement authorities.

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Banner with swear words against pension reform hangs on bridge in Penza during about three hours

"Only one reacted negatively, [...] all [the rest] reacted adequately and understood me. The police! I was shocked," Victor Khomets noted in conversation with PenzaNews journalist.

The activist also added that the protest against the pension reform had been approved by his four cellmates.

"They said that I had done a right thing and our country needed more people of such a kind," the interlocutor said.

At the same time, Victor Khomets stated that his cellmates were generally apolitical, that is why he used the time together for propaganda work.
In particular, according to him the prisoners discussed the economic situation in the country as well as high unemployment and low salaries.

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