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Anastasia Fesikova wins gold at Russian Cup’s 3rd stage in Penza

09:51 | 28.06.2016 | Sport


Penza, 28 June 2016. PenzaNews. Anastasia Fesikova won the gold medal at the third stage of the Russian Swimming Cup during the first day of the event that began at the Penza swimming center “Sura” on Monday, June 27. She won the award in 200 m backstroke as a representative of the Penza region and Yamalo-Nenetsk autonomous region.

Anastasia Fesikova wins gold at Russian Cup’s 3rd stage in Penza

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She shared the pedestal with Alexandra Papusha (Moscow) and Sofya Petrova (Chelyabinsk region).

The winner of the men’s 200 m backstroke was Andrei Shabasov (St. Petersburg), followed by Ivan Trofimov (Penza region) and Maxim Tretyakov (Nizhny Novgorod region).

At the same time, the winners of the 100 m freestyle were, from gold to bronze, Arina Openysheva (Krasnoyarsky Krai), Maria Baklanova (Perm Krai) and Anastasia Guzhenkova (Samara region) in the women’s event; and Danila Izotov (Krasnodarsky Krai), Mikhail Dovgalyuk (Moscow) and Nikita Korolev (Tatarstan) in the men’s event.

The Penza swimmers Artem Lazarev and Alexander Kharlamov won gold and bronze medals respectively in men’s 200 m butterfly, while Semen Makovich from the Samara region won the silver. In the meantime, Ulyana Vataeva (St. Petersburg) was the best in women’s competition, followed by Maria Arsenyeva (Ulyanovsk region) and Anastasia Ivanenko (Komi).

The winners of the 50 m breaststroke event were, from gold to bronze: men’s – Yegor Suchkov (Saratov region), Mikhail Dorinov (Nizhny Novgorod region) and Emil Fayzelgayanov; women’s – Alina Kozhevnikova (Voronezh region), who barely surpassed Alina Khayatova (Chelyabinsk region), and Vera Kalashnikova (Moscow).

The top three teams in 4-by-100 freestyle relay were Tatarstan, Penza region and Perm region in the men’s event; and Samara region, Tatarstan and Saratov region in the women’s event.

In the meantime, Arina Openysheva from the Krasnoyarsky Krai won the women’s 800 m freestyle event, followed by Anastasia Ivanenko from Komi and Anastasia Guzhenkova from the Samara region.

At the same time, the winners of the men’s 1,500 m freestyle were Yaroslav Potapov and Ilya Druzhinin from the Volgograd region, while Georgy Abaturov from the Perm Krai won the bronze.

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