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28 June 2016

LDPR chooses Kulikov for State Duma election district 146, Vasilyev for district 147

28.06.16 16:35 | Politics

Pavel Kulikov, assistant coordinator of the LDPR regional branch, will be taking part in the State Duma election for the Penza single-mandate election district No. 146, while the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party in Penza Alexander Vasilyev will be competing for the ...

Penza regional hospital’s assistant CMO receives gratitude from Russian President

28.06.16 15:52 | Society

Irina Frolova, assistant chief medical officer for the Burdenko regional clinical hospital, received a gratitude from the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“TeenGrad” Penza summer school to open on July 10

28.06.16 14:24 | Education

The summer school “TeenGrad” – the key event of the regional interdepartmental program for children and youth innovative science populatization “1000-list-nick” – will be held at the Penza region Olympic reserve sports school on July 10-19.

Anna Kuznetsova shares impressions after visiting United Russia party convention

28.06.16 12:45 | Politics

Anna Kuznetsova, president of the charity foundation in support of family, motherhood and childhood “Pokrov,” head of the Penza regional APF executive committee, shared her impressions from attending the 15th United Russia party convention dedicated to announcing ...

Strong wind damages around 40 habitable buildings in Narovchat area village

28.06.16 11:16 | Incidents

37 habitable buildings in Mikhaylovo-Tezikovo village in the Narovchat area of the Penza region were damaged in a thunderstorm with freak winds that occurred in the region on Monday, June 27.

Hallows brought to Penza’s Pokrovsky Cathedral from Mount Athon

28.06.16 10:55 | Religion

Arks with hallows of saint Kosma, Damian and Mary Magdalene were brought from Mount Athon to the Pokrovsky Cathedral of Penza in the evening of Monday, June 27.

Ivan Belozertsev to take part in meeting with Presidential Plenipotentiary in Perm

28.06.16 10:36 | Politics

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev will be taking part in the meeting with the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy in the Volga Federal District, which will be taking place in Perm on Tuesday, June 28.

Police opens criminal case after single-engine airplane crashes near Penza

28.06.16 09:58 | Incidents

The police have opened a criminal case on violating safety regulations after a Bekas single-engine airplane crashed in the Penza region. Its pilot, a 56-year-old citizen of the Tambov region, did not survive the incident.

Anastasia Fesikova wins gold at Russian Cup’s 3rd stage in Penza

28.06.16 09:51 | Sport

Anastasia Fesikova won the gold medal at the third stage of the Russian Swimming Cup during the first day of the event that began at the Penza swimming center “Sura” on Monday, June 27. She won the award in 200 m backstroke as a representative of the Penza region and Yamalo-Nenetsk autonomous region.

Penza court pronounces Khalilov brothers guilty in criminal case

28.06.16 08:51 | Crime

The Penza region prosecutor Natalya Kantserova pronounced brothers Mushvig Khalilov, Vugar Khalilov and Shang Khalilov guilty of committing acts of violence for personal profit.

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