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26 February 2015

MTS- SMARTS integration process advances in Penza region

26.02.15 17:18 | Society

http://penzanews.ru/en/economy/57190-2014 Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) announced a change in billing of calls and text-messages sent by MTS customers to SMARTS customer in the Penza region.

Military and Labor Valor Monument honor guard back on duty on March 1

26.02.15 15:35 | Society

The honor guard of the Military and Labor Valor Monument will stand back on duty on Sunday, March 1, exactly seventy days before the celebration of Victory Day.

Air monitoring results announced in Penza region

26.02.15 14:40 | Society

Rospotrebnadzor has released the results of its air quality tests in the Penza region throughout the year of 2014.

Up to 12 tons of “Grin Sad” lettuce grown in Penza region in 2015

26.02.15 13:50 | Economy

Up to 12 tons of lettuce under the “Grin Sad” brand have been grown in Dmitry Gribakov’s peasant (farm) enterprise in the Penza region since the beginning of this year, said the farm head Dmitry Gribakov himself during the visit of governor Vasily Bochkarev in Shemysheysky area.

Penza city administration website to poll visitors on transportation topics

26.02.15 11:31 | Society

A series of polls on transportation topics and issues appeared on the official website of the Penza city administration.

Penza kindergarten tutors tested robotics construction kit, created obstacle-aware bugbot

26.02.15 11:07 | Society

Tutors of preschool institutions of Penza city created their first programmable bug bot during a Children’s Robotics 101 course.

Elvira Shanygina, deputy head of Zarechny city administration, left office

26.02.15 09:49 | Politics

Elvira Shanygina, deputy head of the Zarechny city administration, has left her office on a bilateral agreement.

Penza governor, “Povolzhupravtodor” head discussed road upkeep issues

26.02.15 09:44 | Society

The governor of the Penza region Vasily Bochkarev and the head of the Federal Administration of Car Roads “Bolshaya Volga” (also known as “Povozlupravtodor”) Roman Zalesinsky discussed road upkeep issues and construction of new highways during a ...

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