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15 April 2015

Stepan Parfenov takes up as acting CEO in broadcasting company “Express”

15.04.15 18:15 | Society

Stepan Parfenov became the acting CEO of the broadcasting company “Express,” the media holding website informed on Wednesday, April 15.

First forest fires isolated in Penza region

15.04.15 17:27 | Society

The first forest fires that had appeared with the onset of warm spring weather were isolated in the Penza region.

Pavel Polosin awarded Penza region Legislative Assembly diploma, lapel badge

15.04.15 15:43 | Society

Pavel Polosin, editor-in-chief of “PenzaNew” agency and the undisputed leader of the editorial board since its foundation, was awarded a diploma of the Penza region Legislative Assembly on his 30th anniversary he celebrates on Wednesday, April 15.

Penza confectionary cluster to make gift sweets sets to Great Victory’s 70th anniversary

15.04.15 15:22 | Society

A limited series of gift sweets sets to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory will soon appear on the shelves of Penza stores.

Roman Petrukhin congratulates “PenzaNews” editor-in-chief with 30th birthday

15.04.15 12:44 | Society

The deputy chairman of the City Duma Roman Petrukhin has congratulated the editor in chief of PenzaNews agency Pavel Polosin with the 30th anniversary he celebrates at work on Wednesday, April 15, on behalf of the head of the city Victor Kuvaytsev.

Penza senator Vladimir Yedalov’s yearly income grew up to 4 million rubles

15.04.15 11:21 | Politics

The declared 2014 income of Vladimir Yedalov, member of the Federation Council of Russia, representative of the Penza region executive body, has been calculated at 4,178,642 rubles.

“PenzaNews” agency editor-in-chief Pavel Polosin is 30

15.04.15 10:10 | Society

The editor-in-chief of PenzaNews agency Pavel Polosin celebrates his 30th anniversary on Wednesday, April 15.

Alexei Ryabov to head Penza Economic Development Administration

15.04.15 09:52 | Politics

Alexei Ryabov, former first deputy chairman of the regional government, will head the Penza Economic Development Administration, first vice-mayor Victor Gvozdev wrote in his Twitter.

City center Ferris wheel project discussed in Penza administration

15.04.15 09:15 | Society

A Ferris wheel project for the Penza city center became the focus of the meeting between the mayor Yuri Krivov, his assistant Larisa Ryabikhina, representatives of city departments and offices, and an investor company.

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