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3 March 2016

Penza governor visits boy who survived in tragic minibus crash

03.03.16 17:48 | Incidents

The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev has visited the 4-year-old Arseniy, the boy who survived the tragic accident on the M5 “Ural” federal highway that left 9 dead.

Pavel Shishkin heads regional Journalists Union branch

03.03.16 16:50 | Society

Pavek Shishkin, editor-in-chief of “Penzenskaya Pravda” newspaper, has been elected the new chairman of the regional branch for the Russian Union of Journalists during the report and election conference held at the youth center on Thursday, March 3.

Penza journalists amused over political analyst Tuzov’s illiteracy

03.03.16 15:10 | Society

The illiterate speech of Alexander Tuzov who, among other things, poses himself as the Penza political analyst, became a reason for amusement to local journalists. The gaffes in question came into existence during the recent regional Arbitration Court session over the case by “VolgaInterMedia” that seeks to recover ...

Cardiovascular diseases biggest natural death cause in Penza region

03.03.16 14:57 | Medicine

Cardiovascular diseases is the number one cause of natural death in the Penza region, with a share of 58%, said Oksana Chizhova, assistant Minister of Health of the region, during the ministry meeting held in the Burdenko hospital on Thursday, March 3.

Penza grieves as beginner artist dies in federal highway traffic accident

03.03.16 14:40 | Incidents

The teachers and students of the Penza Savitsky Art College are grieving the death of Anastasia Lazareva, 20, in the tragic crash of the minibus and the freight truck on the M5 “Ural” federal highway by Penza.

Overall financial violations sum in Penza healthcare approaches 10 million rubles

03.03.16 14:20 | Medicine

The overall sum of financial violations committed in the Penza region healthcare field reached 9.8 million rubles, announced the regional Health Minister Vladimir Stryuchkov during the meeting session of the ministry held in the Burdenko hospital on Thursday, March 3.

Penza village resident accused of systematically raping own 11-year-old daughter

03.03.16 12:57 | Crime

A Penza region citizen, 40, faces a criminal case on charges of systematic rape of his own daughter.

Penza police detains minibus driver involved in big traffic accident

03.03.16 12:37 | Incidents

The police have detained the driver of the Mercedes minibus that crashed into the freight truck by Penza city on Wednesday, March 2, leaving nine dead, Elena Fedoskina, deputy head of the information and public relations department of the Penza region Ministry of the Initerior, told PenzaNews.

Sergei Padalkin tweets about “neighborhood fool” over Tuzov’s case

03.03.16 10:55 | Society

Sergei Padalkin, head of the press office of the regional Communist Party committee, made a brief post in his Twitter account related to the Tuzov’s case, under which the founding body of PenzaNews agency seeks to recover compensation off the individual businessman for 74 facts of illegal use of copyrighted work.

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