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12 July 2016

Famous Penza entrepreneur Boris Faykin passes away in Israel

12.07.16 16:49 | Society

The famous Penza entrepreneur Boris Faykin passed away in Israel after a long illness at the age of 77 on Monday, July 11.

Leonid Chernev, founder of “Nash Dom” Penza media holding, passes away

12.07.16 15:43 | Society

The famous Penza entrepreneur, the founder and owner of the media holding “Nash Dom” Leonid Chernev died after a long illness on Tuesday, July 12.

In Penza region murders peak attainted in 1999, rapes peak – in 1992

12.07.16 14:40 | Crime

In the Penza region murders peaked in 1999 when 232 crimes of the kind were committed. The head of the regional Investigative Committee branch, Lieutenant General of Justice OIeg Troshin reported on it during the press conference held on Tuesday, July 12.

In Penza region number of traffic accidents decreases but their severity grows

12.07.16 14:26 | Society

The number of people killed in road accidents and the severity of accidents increased in the Penza region during the six months of 2016, despite the decrease of the total number of traffic accidents. This was reported by the head of the Penza region traffic police department ...

Selling matches and fire liquid to children suggested to be banned in Penza

12.07.16 13:30 | Society

The Penza region Investigative Committee branch addressed the Legislative Assembly of the region with the offer to consider banning to sell matches, lighters and flammable liquids to minors. The head of the regional Investigative Committee branch, Lieutenant General of ...

In Penza over 20 people accused of creating illegal bank for money laundering

12.07.16 12:57 | Crime

Accusations of illegal banking activities are brought against 22 members of the criminal group, which operated in Penza since 2009, two more persons involved in the criminal case are put on the federal wanted list. The head of the regional Investigative Committee branch, ...

Leader of Penza communists Georgy Kamnev holds 80 meetings with region residents since early May

12.07.16 11:50 | Politics

The first secretary of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region Georgy Kamnev held 80 meetings with residents of the region since early May 2016. The headquarters of the Penza communists informed the news agency ...

The Dutch carry out trial onion sowing in Penza region

12.07.16 11:40 | Agriculture

TOP Onions b. v. organized trial planting of black-seed onion on the area of about 5 hectares in the Shemysheysky area of the Penza region.

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