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3 August 2016

Penza to hold car rally to honor Hiroshima nuclear strike victims

03.08.16 17:35 | Society

Youth organizations of Penza will hold a car rally and a public memorial campaign in the city on Saturday, August 6, Hiroshima Nuclear Bombardment Memorial Day.

Gorodische area mother deprived of parental rights for not caring after daughter

03.08.16 15:57 | Society

The woman who left the Penza region and abandoned her girl to the grandmother was deprived of parental rights by the Gorodische area court.

Penza region recover over 1.6 billion rubles debt in 2016 so far

03.08.16 14:22 | Society

The Penza region officials recovered 1,658 million rubles of debt this year so far, announced the chief bailiff of the region Evgeny Pazechko, head of the Penza region branch of the Federal Bailiff Service, during the meeting session on Wednesday, August 3.

People donate over 1.5 million rubles for Spassky cathedral construction in July

03.08.16 13:30 | Society

The donations for the construction of the Spassky cathedral in Penza reached 1,783,651 rubles in July.

Penza Honorary Citizen Vladimir Kerkhanadzhev is 92

03.08.16 12:50 | Society

Vladimir Kerkhanadzhev, veteran of the Battle for Stalingrad and the Battle of Kursk, chairman of the city council of war, labor, military and law enforcement veterans, has turned 92 on Wednesday, August 3.

Cargo train operator dies at Penza-3 train station soon after arrival

03.08.16 12:23 | Incidents

The police are investigating the death of a 43-year-old freight train operator, who passed away at the Penza-3 train station soon after arrival.

Police seize nearly 30 ziploc bags with heroin from Penza citizen

03.08.16 11:07 | Crime

The Penza police seized 29 ready-for-distribution ziploc bags with heroin from the flat of a Penza citizen.

Penza region announces monthly campaign against illegal income schemes

03.08.16 10:07 | Society

The Penza region has announced a monthly campaign to counter illegal money-making schemes.

Penza city bus catches fire in early morning

03.08.16 09:51 | Incidents

A bus working on the Penza route 82C caught on fire next to the “Puteprovod” bus stop on 8 Marta street in the morning of Wednesday, August 3, Anna Shupilova, head of information and public relations division of the main EMERCOM department in the Penza region, informed PenzaNews.

Penza pipeline engineer dies after falling 2.5 meters at work

03.08.16 09:25 | Incidents

The police initiated a criminal case after a pipeline engineer died due to falling at least 2.5 meters at a production facility on Yegorova street in Penza.

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