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12 October 2016

“Sady Pridonia” starts new apple orchard in Penza region

12.10.16 18:21 | Economy

A new apple orchard was started in the area rented by the national food group “Sady Pridonia” in Zasursky village of Luninsky area of the Penza region.

Penza mayor assesses improvement of public garden on Druzhby street

12.10.16 17:49 | Society

The Penza mayor Victor Kuvaytsev together with his deputy Yuri Ilyin and the head of the administration of Zheleznodorozhny city area Oleg Denisov assessed the improvement of the public garden on Druzhby street.

Penza athlete Natalia Afremova to go to training camp in Sochi

12.10.16 16:58 | Sport

The trainee of the Penza region sports training center was invited to the training camp of the Russian cycling BMX national team.

“Penza Brand” and “Surskaya Fair” expositions unite about 90 participants

12.10.16 13:38 | Economy

86 manufacturers and entrepreneurs, rendering various services, became participants of the “Penza Brand” and “Surskaya Fair” expositions that started their work in the center of choreography on Wednesday, October 12.

Debts to builders of perinatal centre in Penza reach 117 million rubles

12.10.16 11:55 | Medicine

Federal authorities owe 117 million rubles for performed works on construction of the perinatal center for 130 beds, which is being constructed on the territory of the Burdenko Penza region hospital. This was reported by the governor Ivan Belozertsev during the on-site meeting on Wednesday, October 12.

Owners of arbitrarily installed kiosks in Penza to be offered space for legal trade

12.10.16 09:05 | Incidents

Alternative places for trade will be offered to owners of kiosks arbitrarily installed in Penza on municipal land.

Peculiarities of trading with European countries to be discussed in Penza

12.10.16 08:40 | Economy

Seminar on “Access to markets of the countries belonging to the European business support network” will be held in Penza on October 20.

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