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Prosecutor’s office: Driver of upturned marshrutka in Penza was driving drunk

11:45 | 22.05.2015 | Incidents


Penza, 22 May 2015. PenzaNews. The driver of a “Ardym station–Penza-1” marshrutka (shuttle bus) that overturned in Penza early on Wednesday, May 20, was fined for DUI, Yulia Makarova, Senior Assistant Attorney of the region in Media Relations, informed PenzaNews agency.

Prosecutor’s office: Driver of upturned marshrutka in Penza was driving drunk

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“The driver will also face an administrative case on violating traffic rules or driving rules that led to moderately severe injuries,” the speaker added.

The individual businessman A.A. Kukanov will be facing the cases under Art. 12.32 of the Administrative Offences Code, titled “Allowing a Driver, Who Is in a State of Alcoholic Intoxication or Has No Right to Operate a Transport Vehicle, to Drive a Transport Vehicle,” and Part 2 of Art. 12.31.1, titled “Violation of Safety Requirements for Trasportation of Passengers and Baggage via Car Transport or City Land Electrical Transport.”

“An administrative case is currently underway; we are establishing the picture of the accident. A criminal case may be in order after we finish evaluating the bodily harm caused by the accident,” Yulia Makarova explained.

The administrative case is closely monitored by the prosecutor’s office of the Penza region, she stressed.

As PenzaNews agency reported earlier, a driver of a GAZ marshrutka (shuttle bus) steered his vehicle into a lightpole at 6.20 am of May 20 by Ternovskovo street, 90, causing it to overturn.

As a result, eight people sustained varying injuries. Originally, only five people were reported to be injured, among them a woman with a broken spine.

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