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22 May 2015

Victor Kuvaytsev, Roman Petrukhin held parliamentarism lessons for Penza school students

22.05.15 17:47 | Society

The head of Penza Victor Kuvaytsev and deputy chairman of the City Duma Roman Petrukhin held a lesson on parliamentarism for the students of local schools on Friday, May 22.

Motorcycle traffic accidents, law violations grew numerous in Penza region

22.05.15 14:56 | Society

The traffic police officers have registered over 410 violations committed by motorcycle drivers in the Penza region this motorcycle season.

Penza region officials plan making local tourism more profitable

22.05.15 13:40 | Economy

The successful implementation of the investment project “‘Penzensky’ Car Tourism Cluster” will allow to increase the numbers of car tourism related enterprises by 1.5 times, and boost the volume of related services by 70%, announced the deputy chairman of the regional government Sergei Pulikovsky at the ...

Penza volunteer fire brigade competition underway

22.05.15 12:28 | Society

The second stage of the Penza volunteer fire brigades started in the morning of Friday, May 22.

Training session for grant-awarded social projects competition teams held in Penza

22.05.15 12:07 | Society

Over 50 people took part in a training titled “How to Get Money for Your Project” dedicated to filling the paperwork to apply for a grant-awarding social projects competition on developing territorial civil self-management. The training session was held in the ...

Prosecutor’s office: Driver of upturned marshrutka in Penza was driving drunk

22.05.15 11:45 | Incidents

The driver of a “Ardym station–Penza-1” marshrutka (shuttle bus) that overturned in Penza early on Wednesday, May 20, was fined for DUI, Yulia Makarova, Senior Assistant Attorney of the region in Media Relations, informed PenzaNews agency.

Gulyakov, Kuvaytsev, Krivov, Melnichenko stay in Penza, don’t leave for Staraya square

22.05.15 11:33 | Politics

The principal of the Penza State University Alexander Gulyakov, the head of Penza Viktor Kuvaytsev, mayor Yuri Krivov, and the deputy envoy in the Volga Federal District Oleg Melnichenko, allegedly summoned to the Presidential Administration for May 22 , according to ...

Blogger Ilya Varlamov considers upcoming Penza region political upheaval his doing

22.05.15 10:21 | Society

One of the top Russian bloggers, Ilya Varlamov, known online as Zyalt, believes the upcoming changes on the Penza region political arena, where the term of the current governor Vasily Bochkarev is about to run out, are directly related to his visit in the region and the ...

“Alexandrovskoe Moloko” sold poor-quality meat products in Penza

22.05.15 09:49 | Society

The Rosselkhoznadzor officers in Mordovia and the Penza region found that the meat products from “Alexandrovskoe Moloko” sold meat products in the Penza region without required veterinary certificates.

Penza driver fined over 130,000 rubles for not removing car from impound lot

22.05.15 09:44 | Society

The court fined a car ower 132,392 rubles in favor of “Penza City Road Traffic Management Center” for not paying for car towing and storage at an impound lot. The sentence has come into force.

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