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Penza vice-mayor Yuri Ilyin not getting laid off just yet

12:25 | 28.12.2015 | Politics


Penza, 28 December 2015. PenzaNews. The rumors about the deputy head of the Penza city administration Yuri Ilyin getting laid off in the nearest future, which were distributed online, have not been confirmed so far.

Penza vice-mayor Yuri Ilyin not getting laid off just yet

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At the moment, the issue is not on the agenda of the authorities, a source in the Penza city hall that wanted to remain anonymous informed PenzaNews agency.

“Perhaps it’s true that Victor Nikolaevich [Kuvaytsev] has something to say against Ilyin in regards to the latter’s management of the communal affairs field, but so far they have not been shaped into any administrative decision,” the source said.

While Yuri Ilyin’s activities as a vice-mayor “are not ideal” and “arising certain questions,” he “still can be corrected as an official,” the source added.

“As you can recall, Ilyin was quite a ‘star’ just recently, the media paid a great deal of attention to him, when he headed the regional communal services department: a young official, easy to contact, always ready to give a full answer. He comes to the city hall, and there come the issues: the former governor threatened to lay him off, then the current one as well, the Communists showed their disappointment in him, and then people began complaining over his rude behavior. Looks like the man simply got way too ahead of himself. He needs to tone down his impulsiveness and the smugness, remember to get to the same level with people, and keep his nose to the grindstone – and then everything will be all right, with no rumors on anybody getting laid off soon. After all, Ilyin is an experienced person, successful and smart. And if they do chase him out of the office, he’ll find a place in business,” the source concluded.

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