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Georgy Kamnev continues working meetings with German politicians in Berlin

19:53 | 15.08.2017 | Politics


Penza, 15 August 2017. PenzaNews. The leader of Penza communists, deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, presidium member of the Central Committee of CPRF Georgy Kamnev, who has been on a working visit in Berlin since August 13, continues to meet with German politicians discussing relevant international issues.

Georgy Kamnev continues working meetings with German politicians in Berlin

Photo: Kprfpenza.ru

Thus, on Tuesday, August 15, Georgy Kamnev had a meeting with Andrej Hunko, German MP for the Left Party, member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, and Judith Benda, member of the Chamber of Deputies, representative of the Party of the European Left, which is a member of the European Parliament.

Before the meeting, which took place in the Bundestag, Andrej Hunko conducted a tour for Georgy Kamnev around the building of the German parliament and spoke about its history.

He expressed gratitude to the head of the Penza regional committee of CPRF for his visit to the German capital emphasizing that it strengthened party-to-party ties.

In turn, Georgy Kamnev noted that Andrej Hunko was well-known in Russia thanks to his attitude towards Donbas and Ukraine. He also drew attention to the fact that the German politician often visited events conducted by CPRF.

"We remember your brilliant performance at the Orel Economic Forum, which was held last year, and we follow your speeches on the Ukrainian issue," Georgy Kamnev said turning to Andrej Hunko.

The issue of anti-Russian sanctions became one of key topics of politicians' discussion.

The leader of Penza communists expressed the idea that the country's authorities tried to make maximum use of restrictions introduced by western countries.

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"International issues have a strong impact on domestic policy in the country. The power, through the mass media controlled by it, turns the west into a monster and suggests uniting to fight it, thus the authorities distract the people from internal problems. The sanctions have become a topic exploited by the ruling party," Georgy Kamnev explained.

In turn, Andrej Hunko noted that not all people in Germany were glad about the introduction of the sanctions against Russia.

"They damage interests of German entrepreneurs who have a business in Russia. These businesspersons are against of the introduction of the sanctions and further escalation of the conflict. It is not a dominant position in these circles but it is present. According to a public opinion poll, about 80% of Germans are against of the sanctions. As for the parliament, we are the only party that does not support the introduction of the sanctions. At the moment, our mass media discuss the issue again. Recently, one of liberals advanced an initiative to lift the sanctions. He was supported by the co-chairperson of our fraction Sahra Wagenknecht," Andrej Hunko said.

The meeting participants also discussed the course of election campaigns conducted before elections to the German Bundestag and Legislative Assembly of the Penza region.

Judith Benda, member of the Berlin Chamber of Deputies and candidate for the Bundestag, shared results of her preliminary work.

According to her, the poor in Germany do not go to the polls as they do not believe in a possibility of change, while the rich are always willing to vote at ballot stations.

Commenting on protest actions in the country, Judith Benda quoted Vladimir Lenin, chief of the world proletariat, creator of the first socialist state in history.

"Once he said that if German revolutionaries decide to seize a railway station, they will first buy tickets. Social protests are not very popular in Germany nowadays even though there are many problems," she noted.

In turn, Georgy Kamnev, having described the course of election in Russia and in the Penza region, invited the German politicians to visit the region.

In total, the meeting lasted over two hours. Its participants discussed a number of important issues and agreed on reciprocal visits, collaboration and interaction.

Photo: Kprfpenza.ru

According to the press service of the Penza region committee of CPRF, in the afternoon Georgy Kamnev visited Potsdam, where in 1945 a famous conference attended by leaders of anti-Hitler coalition – Joseph Stalin, Harry Truman, and Winston Churchill was held.

As it was reported before, on Monday, August 14, Georgy Kamnev held a meeting with the head of the international policy department of the Left Party ("Die Linke") Andreas Günter.

On August 13, the leader of Penza communists had a meeting with the leaders of the forbidden in Ukraine organization "Borotba" Sergey Kirichuk and Victor Shapinov. The communists visited a memorial complex in the Treptower Park and laid flowers to the monument to the Soviet Liberator Warrior.

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