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2 February 2012

Penza governor offered “to quilt birches” doctors-bribe takers

02.02.12 18:31 | Society

Governor Vasily Bochkarev held a meeting with the head and departments of Penza regional oncological clinic and asked to accept strict measures in short terms to those doctors who extort money from patients for treatment.

Two Penza scientists to receive grants of President of Russian Federation in 2012

02.02.12 17:03 | Society

Teachers of Penza universities Marina Moroz and Andrey Kireev became winners of competition of 2012 on the state support of young scientists, candidates of science. They have a right to get the grant of the president of the Russian Federation.

Penza power engineering specialist ready to work in strong frosts

02.02.12 15:36 | Society

Experts of divisions of the Penza branch of TGC-6 of IES-Holding undertook all measures for stable work of equipment and constant heat supply of the residents of Penza in connection with low air temperature which is expected in region next few days.

About 30 Penza policemen became donors

02.02.12 14:48 | Society

About thirty police officers and traffic policemen donated blood at the regional hemotransfusion station in Penza on Tuesday, February 2.

Two meetings and picket to take place in Penza on February 4

02.02.12 12:24 | Politics

Two meetings and picket organized by different political forces, national staff in support of Vladimir Putin, a coalition of opposition and regional branch of LDPR will take place in Penza on Saturday, February, 4. According to Boris Shigin, the head of the regional national staff in support of Vladimir Putin, a mass meeting which ...

Mink fur coat stolen from gym in Penza

02.02.12 11:05 | Incidents

Police officers of Zheleznodorozhny district of Penza search for an unknown woman who stole dark brown mink fur coat left without in an unguarded cloakroom of gym in the evening on February 1.

Cup of Russian Lapta Federation started in Penza

02.02.12 09:33 | Sport

Formal opening of competitions on minilapta (Russian ball game) on Cup of Russian Lapta Federation took place in sports center “Olympiysky” in Penza on Wednesday, February 1.

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