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7 November 2013

Branch of political party Dignity registered in Penza region

07.11.13 16:25 | Politics

The regional branch of the Russian political party Dignity (Dostoinstvo) was officially registered in the Justice Department in the Penza region.

On Saturdays Penza women able to get examined by mammologist without appointment

07.11.13 13:40 | Society

Penza regional oncologic dispensary organizes Doors Open Day for women to undergo mammographic assessment on Saturdays without prescriptions and setting up appointments, starting from November 9 and up to the end of 2013.

Desecrated Penza monument “Torn Star” to be restored by 27 December

07.11.13 10:37 | Society

The Penza memorial “Torn Star” with the marble part “To soldiers died in local conflicts” smashed by vandals will be restored by December 27. This was reported to news agency PenzaNews by the chairman of the regional organization “Russian Union of Afghan Veterans” Vladimir Kholzinev on Thursday, ...

Heat energy tariffs to grow after 1 July 2014 in Penza region

07.11.13 09:15 | Society

Tariffs for heat energy will grow in Penza region from 1 July 2014 by 5,9 % on average. This was reported to news agency PenzaNews by the press service of the office of tariffs and power saving regulation in the region on Thursday, November 7.

Penza regional committee of CPRF congratulates supporters on October Revolution day

07.11.13 08:58 | Politics

Penza regional committee of Communist Party of Russia congratulated its supported on the 96th anniversary of the October Revolution, which is celebrated on Thursday, November 7.

Penza gymnastics school wins grant of 2,5 million rubles

07.11.13 08:24 | Society

Penza Regional Specialized Children’s and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve for gymnastics will get a grant amounting to 2,5 million rubles for the second place in the contest, organized by the Fund of Russian Olympians Support.

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