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26 September 2014

Valery Bespalov compares Penza with Manchester

26.09.14 14:09 | Society

Deputy chairman of the regional government Valery Bespalov compared Penza with Manchester during his address to the participants of the IV Humanitarian Forum “The Search of Province: Marathon of ideas,” which opened on Friday, September 26.

Penza prosecutors: Persons with criminal records should not teach in driving schools

26.09.14 13:15 | Society

The prosecutor’s office of Leninsky district of Penza found that among persons engaged in educational activities in the autonomous non-profit organization of additional professional education Driving School-Professional, there are people with a criminal record.

Penza pensioner transfers over 400 thousand rubles to advertised “parapsychologists”

26.09.14 10:38 | Incidents

A 64-year-old resident of Penza, believing TV advertised services of diagnostics and treatment from afar, was tricked.

IV Humanitarian Forum “The Search of Province” opens in Penza

26.09.14 09:27 | Society

Fourth Humanitarian Forum “The Search of Province,” which is held under the motto “Marathon of ideas,” began its work in Penza administration building on Friday morning, September 26.

Museum of journalism planned in Penza

26.09.14 08:57 | Society

Museum of journalism of the Penza region may be created in the region in the near future.

PSU students to study in Swedish technical university for one year

26.09.14 08:27 | Society

Two students of Penza State University will for the first time spend one year training in Sweden.

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