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3 January 2015

Maria Astashkina from Penza takes part in Russia joint team training session

03.01.15 12:54 | Sport

Maria Astashkina, the sportsman of the Penza region Center of Sports Education, joined the Russian team in training session that began in Moscow “Round Lake” base on Saturday, January 3.

Penza open tennis player to perform on two tournaments in Australia

03.01.15 12:48 | Sport

Bogdan Bobrov, a sporsman of the Penza region Center of Sports Education, will take part in two large Australian international tennis tournaments.

Bank Kuznetsky increased capital by 12 million rubles

03.01.15 12:38 | Economy

The regional Penza Bank Kuznetsky has increased its capital by 12 million rubles through equity issue.

Penza officials removed one scandalous Artemy Lebedev infringement, one more remains

03.01.15 12:15 | Society

One billboard on Penza streets was cleared of a New Year banner that illegally featured an element of Art.Lebedev design studio brand “The Best Winter City”: however, another banner that is featuring the same design element can still be seen. The banners in ...

Officials urge Penza citizens to report public commute violations

03.01.15 11:58 | Society

Penza citizens will be able to report violations in public commute to the interregional department of state transportation supervision for Penza region and Mordovia.

Bike and skiing trail opens in Akhuny on January 6

03.01.15 11:40 | Sport

A bike and skiing trail will open in Akhuny neighborhood of Penza city on Thursday, January 6, at 11.00.

Exhibition “Wonders and mysteries of northern seas” planned in Penza

03.01.15 11:25 | Culture

The cinema and concert hall “Penza” will host a photo exhibition of a famous Russian traveler and underwater photographer Olga Kamenskaya, titled “Wonders and mysteries of northern seas. From White to Greenland.” The event will take part in January during a project “Meridian 45.”

Penza children and adults invited to taker part in “Winter games”

03.01.15 10:59 | Sport

An annual campaign “Winter games” that aims to popularize winter sports will be held in the Penza region on Tuesday, January 6.

Young Penza tourists to perform in Samara region competition

03.01.15 10:50 | Sport

Young Penza tourists will fight for top places in “Christmas competitions 2015” that will take part in the Samara region on January 4 to January 6.

Christmas organ performances planned in Penza Philarmonic Hall

03.01.15 10:31 | Culture

Christmas organ music performances will take place in the Penza regional Philarmonic Hall on January 7 to January 12.

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