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14 January 2015

Penza hosts Russian gymnastics championship in March

14.01.15 18:22 | Sport

The 2015 gymnastics championship in Russia will take place at the “Burtasy” sports palace in Penza March 3-8.

Taxi work permit cost gone up to 7,500 rubles in Penza region

14.01.15 16:48 | Society

The cost of obtaining a permit to operate taxi passenger transportation for the period of 5 years has been set at 7,500 rubles, up from 6,000 rubles.

215 mln rubles of equipment for post-car crash recovery transferred to Penza hospital

14.01.15 16:27 | Society

The Penza region received 146 units of modern medical equipment worth over 215 million rubles in 2014 under the federal program aimed at improving the organization of medical care to people injured in car accidents.

2015-2017 import substitution program designed in Penza region

14.01.15 15:50 | Economy

The Penza region has developed a draft of its own 2015-2017 import substitution program.

Penza region state debt over 21 billion rubles

14.01.15 13:55 | Economy

The state debt of the Penza region has reached 21,331,389,000 rubles as of January 1, 2015, says the official website of the regional Ministry of Finance.  A year ago, it was calculated at only 18,624,085,000 rubles.  The state debt held at 18.6 billion rubles until April 2014; by May 1, it grew up to 18,988,032,000 rubles.

Tenth “Singing Journalists” festival held in Penza

14.01.15 12:05 | Society

The tenth “Singing Journalists” festival was held at the Penza youth center in the evening of Tuesday, January 13.

MegaFon cellphone network withstood New Year “rush hour”

14.01.15 11:40 | Society

Cellular network of “MegaFon” service provider successfully withstood record-breaking load of millions of voice calls and text messages without any interruption despite a 33% increase in demand, the head of the Penza branch of MegaFon Volga Alexei Bryukhachev told PenzaNews agency.

KamAZ driver hit child in Spassky area traffic accident

14.01.15 11:21 | Incidents

A boy born in 2004 got injured during a traffic accident at the 470th kilometer of M5 “Ural” highway in the Spassky area of the Penza region.

Police: forgotten bag that caused Penza-1 train station evacuation contained food

14.01.15 10:19 | Incidents

A forgotten bag with unknown contents, which was later inspected and found to contain food, caused full-scale evacuation of Penza-1 train station in the evening of Tuesday, January 13.

Maslenitsa reconstruction to take place at “Tarkhany” State Museum-Reserve

14.01.15 10:02 | Society

National Maslenitsa celebrations will be reconstructed at the “Tarkhany” State Museum-Reserve of the Penza region on February 22.

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