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3 March 2015

All-Russian gymnastics championship began in Penza after official ceremony

03.03.15 16:22 | Sport

The official opening ceremony of the All-Russian gymnastics championship was held at the “Burtasy” Penza sports palace on Tuesday, March 3.

Penza governor to undertake standard medical examination

03.03.15 13:09 | Society

The Penza region governor Vasily Bochkarev decided to undertake standard medical examination in the next few days, his assistant Victor Rubtsov announced on Tuesday, March 3.

Penza has plans for “Surskaya Ryba” trout complex

03.03.15 11:58 | Economy

Discussion over details of “Surskaya Ryba” investment project became the main topic of the regional governor Vasily Bochkarev’s meeting with Vasily Kondrikov and Vitaly Abramov, heads of LLC “Profit,” held in the regional government on Tuesday, March 3.

Penza female sportsmen won silver at Russian Shotokan competition

03.03.15 11:58 | Sport

Veronika Tazetdinova from Penza won the silver medal of the all-Russian Shotokan competition, showing the second best results in Shotokan Kumite discipline.

Penza Health Ministry disappointed of what he saw at Zakharyin hospital

03.03.15 11:17 | Society

The Minister of Health of the Penza region Vladimir Stryuchkov said he was truly disappointed by what he had seen at the Zakharyin city clinical emergency hospital during his visit there along with representatives of his ministry on Monday, March 2.

Nikolai Shevkunenko, Penza Drama Theater’s eldest actor, died

03.03.15 10:12 | Society

Nikolai Shevkunenko, Distinguished Artist of Russia, the eldest actor of the Penza scene who gave 57 years of his life to the work at the Lunacharsky Drama Theater, has died on the 85th year of his life at 4 am of Tuesday, March 3, says the message published at the official website of the Drama Theater.

Penza citizen suspected of sexually abusing own 7-year daughter

03.03.15 09:38 | Incidents

The police have initiated a criminal case against a Penza citizen, 35, suspected of sexual abuse of his own child.

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