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28 April 2015

Vladimir Putin promised Lyudmila Kolomytseva deal with problems of Penza dacha owners

28.04.15 20:21 | Society

Ludmila Kolomytseva, deputy editor of “New Social Newspaper,” who was unable to ask the question during a plenary session of the 2nd Independent regional and local media forum “Truth and Justice,” still managed to inform Russian president Vladimir ...

Two Penza journalists took part in meeting with APF leader Vladimir Putin

28.04.15 19:32 | Society

Two Penza journalists, PenzaNews agency editor-in-chief Pavel Polosin and “New social newspaper” assistant editor-in-chief Lyudmila Kolomytseva, took part in the plenary session of the 2nd St. Petersburg independent regional and local media forum “Truth and ...

Vasily Bochkarev visited Penza perinatal center construction site

28.04.15 17:37 | Society

Vasily Bochkarev, governor of the Penza region, inspected the construction site of the perinatal center with a capacity of 130 patients under construction in the Burdenko clinical hospital.

“Derevenka” chain farm goods store opens in Penza

28.04.15 16:48 | Society

The official opening of a “Derevenka” chain farm goods store was held at the “Suvorovsky” Penza shopping and entertainment center on Tuesday, April 28.

New kindergarten opens in Zasechnoe village

28.04.15 14:55 | Society

A new kindergarten “Sura quarter” has opened its doors on Tuesday, April 28, on Natalya Lavrova street of the Zasechnoye village in the Penza region.

“Rostelecom” bonus program participants visit Narovchat

28.04.15 14:15 | Society

Over 30 clients of “Rostelecom” went on a Narovchat sightseeing tour during the first external event organized for the participants of a bonus program “Impression Hunters.”

Great Victory’s 70th anniversary motor rally began in Penza region

28.04.15 12:59 | Society

A two-day regional motor rally “Through memorial places of Penza citizens who lost their lives in the Great Patriotic War” began from the Penza DOSAAF office early on April 28.

Penza to hold Russian Robotics Olympics regional stage

28.04.15 10:53 | Society

The regional robotics elimination championship “Penza-WRO 2015” will be held in the “Tsentralniy” sports and recreation complex on Wednesday, April 29.

Former “Zenit” football club players en masse speak against their layoffs

28.04.15 10:35 | Sport

The former players of the Penza football club “Zenith” in the Russian championship of the Central zone second division are speaking against their layoffs together.

Penza to hold Moskovskaya street charity concerts on May 2, 3

28.04.15 10:27 | Society

The city of Penza will hold two charity concerts to help gather funds for Kseniya Borisova and Nina Lepeshkina, two persons under the care of the “We Are With You” volunteer movement, on Moskovskaya street on May 2 and May 3.

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