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11 June 2015

Penza area resident voluntarily turned over more than 1,300 ammo rounds to police

11.06.15 18:22 | Society

A resident of Zasechnoye village in the Penza area of the Penza region voluntarily turned over 1,324 ammunition rounds of various types, an inheritance from his father, to the police.

Renal dialysis procedure to become easily available in Penza region

11.06.15 18:18 | Society

The Penza region plans to implement an investment project that aims to provide renal dialysis services to people suffering from kidney failure.

Sergei Kazakov assigned vacant place in Penza region Legislative Assembly

11.06.15 15:55 | Politics

The Penza region election committee awarded the open seat in the regional Legislative Assembly that was left vacant after Nikolai Simonov left his office to Sergei Kazakov, social activist, Distinguised Artist of Russia, artistic director of the Penza Lunacharsky Drama ...

Penza military cadets to take part in Orenburg area range practice

11.06.15 13:39 | Society

The future officers of foreign armies studying at the specialized faculty of the Penza branch of the Military Academy of Inventory and Logistics Management will test their skills of using rocket and conventional artillery at the Totsky shooting range in the Orenburg region.

Penza-1 train station square toll parking lot project unveiled

11.06.15 13:35 | Society

The Penza city administration held a session of the working group on implementing a pilot project of municipal toll parking zones on the square by the Penza-1 train station on Thursday, June 11.

Bank Kuznetsky sums up financial activity results for five months of 2015

11.06.15 11:35 | Economy

Bank Kuznetsky of Penza increased its assets up to 4 billion 209 million rubles based on June 1 levels, which is 8.4% more than a year ago, says the report on the results of the bank’s financial activities over the five months of the current year published on its ...

Over 780 children born in Penza region families with many kids over last five months

11.06.15 10:27 | Society

A total of 781 children were born in families with three or more kids in the Penza region in January-May 2015.

New “Hrombur” factory project considered in Penza region, requires 6 billion rubles

11.06.15 09:53 | Economy

The Penza region is interested in the construction of a new “Hrombur” metalworks factory in the Kamenka area of the Penza region for a potential cost of 6 billion rubles, the acting governor Ivan Belozertsev announced during a meeting with the investors held on ...

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