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23 June 2015

Maria Astashkina from Penza earns Baku European Games gold

23.06.15 19:17 | Sport

A Penza swimmer Maria Astashkina, 16, won a gold medal at the First European Games in Baku on Tuesday, June 23, in 50 meter breaststroke.

Penza court deems Vladimir Kvachkov’s book extremist material

23.06.15 18:02 | Society

The Leninsky area court of Penza gave a positive reply to the prosecutor claim on deeming the book “Who Rules Russia?” written by military reconnaissance colonel (retired) Vladimir Kvachkov an extremist material. Vladimir Kvachkov is currently serving a jail term in one of the penal colonies in Mordovia for attempted coup ...

Penza region to receive 187 million rubles for rare illnesses treatment medicine

23.06.15 17:08 | Society

The Penza region will receive a total of 187 million rubles from the federal rubles to help provide medicine to people with rare illnesses, as well as those who are eligible to obtain the required medicaments for free or with a fifty-percent discount by receipt.

Vladimir Volkov assigned new acting Penza region gov chairman

23.06.15 15:43 | Politics

Vladimir Volkov has been assigned the office of acting chairman of the Penza region government, the acting governor Ivan Belozertsev announced.

“Best Cook” contest for prison inmates began in Penza

23.06.15 14:09 | Society

The “Best Cook” contest for inmates started in the mess hall of the Penza penal colony No. 1 on Tuesday, June 23.

Yandex results say “PenzaNews” agency remains most quoted Penza region media

23.06.15 14:01 | Society

PenzaNews agency remains the most quoted media in the Penza region, according to Yandex.

Penza apt building tagline about “Diesel” and Panteleev disappears after single day

23.06.15 13:14 | Sport

A writing about the Penza hockey club “Diesel” on the wall of an apartment building in the city did not last intact for more than a day. Originally, the tagline several dozens meters wide had appeared on Sunday, June 21, below the roof of a 9-floor apartment ...

Anton Ischenko claims banner he ordered to install in Penza stolen

23.06.15 11:28 | Incidents

The State Duma deputy of the Saratov region Anton Ischenko claimed that somebody stole a banner with the writing “Bring Soviet Union Back to Us!” and his image that he had ordered to install by “Streletsky” shopping center on Stroiteley prospekt in Penza.

Pine trees for 130,000 rubles illegally cut in Shemysheika area

23.06.15 10:09 | Society

The forestry of the Shemysheika area of the Penza region has sustained some 130,000 rubles of damages due to illegal felling of eight pines.

17 people died in DUI traffic accidents in Penza region over 2015

23.06.15 09:42 | Incidents

17 people lost their lives and 121 more received various injuries in traffic accidents caused by drunk drivers over the first five months of 2015.

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