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21 September 2015

Interregional Russian culture festival “Zhar-Ptitsa” held in Penza

21.09.15 18:10 | Society

The first open interregional Russian ethnic culture festival “Zhar-Ptitsa” took place in the Penza region.

Ivan Belozertsev describes his first actions as Penza region governor

21.09.15 16:58 | Politics

Ivan Belozertsev, who officially entered into office as the Penza region governor during the September 21 inauguration ceremony, plans to begin his work in the new status with a series of meetings on relevant issues.

Ivan Belozertsev’s gubernatorial inauguration held in Penza region

21.09.15 15:08 | Politics

Ivan Belozertsev has officially entered into office as the governor of the Penza region during the 29th extraordinary session of the regional Legislative Assembly of the fifth convocation that was held on Monday, September 21, in the Lunacharsky Drama Theater.

Penza city mayor responds to “Yabloko” party head over Joseph Stalin monument question

21.09.15 12:43 | Politics

The Penza city administration head Yuri Krivov has provided an official response to the head of “Yabloko” party Sergei Mitrokhin and the Leninsky area prosecutor Evgeny Zudikhin about the installation of the Joseph Stalin monument in the city center, by the new ...

Third city communities forum held in Penza

21.09.15 11:37 | Society

The city of Penza held its third city communities forum under the name “Wake Up the Province.”

Bank Kuznetsky transforms into public joint stock company

21.09.15 11:15 | Economy

The Penza Bank Kuznetsky has transformed from an open joint stock company into a public joint stock company (PJSC).

Sergei Kazakov celebrates 5 years as Penza Drama Theater’s artistic director

21.09.15 11:07 | Society

The Distinguished Artist of Russia Sergei Kazakov is celebrating 5 years in the office of the artistic director of the Penza regional Lunacharsky Drama Theater, where he had been appointed on September 20, 2010.

Denis Ablyazin from Penza wins three medals during Russian Gymnastics Cup

21.09.15 10:38 | Sport

The Penza athlete Denis Ablyazin has won three medals during the Russian Gymnastics Cup.

Penza pediatrician donates baby food, clothing to Kuznetsk apt building fire victims

21.09.15 09:57 | Society

Elena Kamena, pediatrician of the Penza childhood clinic No. 8, was one of the first to take part in the charity campaign aimed at helping the 30 Kuznetsk families who lost their homes to fire in a four-floor apartment building No. 109 on Sverdlova street.

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