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10 December 2015

Nikolai Kotov draws up Penza region APF activities results in 2015

10.12.15 18:50 | Society

Nikolai Kotov, co-head of the regional All-Russian People’s Front branch, regional Legislative Assembly deputy, chairman of the Penza region workers unions federation, concluded the results of APF activities in 2015 during the plenary meeting of the first regional “Action Forum” held in the Lermontov library on ...

Yulia Ogloblina praised Penza APF headquarters activity

10.12.15 18:23 | Society

The Penza region All-Russian People’s Front (APF) branch is active, but there is still a lot work to do, suggested Yulia Ogloblina, chairman of the Russian Union of Youth in Villages, member of the APF Central Headquarters, during the first regional “Action Forum” that took place in Penza on Thursday, December 10.

Mikhail Lisin: No future for Penza region economy without innovations

10.12.15 17:55 | Economy

The innovation component as the foundation for successful development of Penza region economy became the main topic of discussion within the group “Honest and Effective Economy” during the first regional APF “Action Forum” that took place on Thursday, December 10, announced Mikhail Lisin, head of the working ...

Sergei Kazakov: Russia needs new law on culture

10.12.15 17:29 | Culture

Russia needs a new federal law on culture, suggested Sergei Kazakov, Presidential Trustee, artistic director of the Penza Lunacharsky Drama Theater, deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, after the Thursday, December 10 session of the task force “Education and Culture as Basis of National Identity” during the first ...

3rd exhibition fair “Made in Penza!” begins in Penza

10.12.15 15:53 | Society

The third dedicated local producer exhibition fair “Made in Penza” opened in “Kollazh” shopping and entertainment center on Thursday, December 10.

Penza Leroy Merlin hypermarket opens doors for customers

10.12.15 15:26 | Society

The new Leroy Merlin hypermarket has officially opened in Penza on Thursday, December 10. It is located on Stroiteley prospekt, 1D. It has become the company’s 41st store in Russia.

Investigative Committee makes statement on “TNS Energo Penza” – “PenzaNews” incident

10.12.15 15:00 | Society

The investigative department of the Penza region Investigative Committee has provided a legal evaluation on the activities of “TNS Energo Penza” staff that in a November 3 incident, obstructed the PenzaNews agency photo reporter Maxim Kostyushin in his objective ...

Penza cancels January 1 flights to Domodedovo, Vnukovo

10.12.15 14:09 | Society

The 1 January 2016 flights from Penza to Moscow – 7R170 and 7R174 to Domodedovo, UT 210 to Vnukovo – and vice-versa – 7R169, 7R173 and UT209 – will be canceled due to New Year holidays, administration of the city airport told PenzaNews agency.

NHL calls Penza regional tournament fake

10.12.15 13:11 | Sport

The elimination rounds of the 5th Russian amateur hockey teams tournament in the Penza region in “Amateur 40+” division has been shut down, and the authority of the regional Nightly Hockey League (NHL) representative Sergei Ilyushin has been revoked, after an audit made it apparent that the six-team tournament was a fake ...

Penza to send some 1,500 tons items, presents to Donbass children

10.12.15 12:38 | Society

The head EMERCOM department of the Penza region has received nearly 1,500 tons of humanitarian aid for children, brought to the local youth center, to be shipped to Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

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