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27 February 2016

Penza citizen helps detain drunk car thief

27.02.16 18:40 | Incidents

A Penza citizen helped detain a drunk car thief by making a report to the police about the abnormal behavior of the driver of a “Moskvich” car in the Arbekovo residential area.

Moscow lawyer advises Penza citizens to intensify protest activity

27.02.16 16:18 | Communal Services

Citizens of Penza and the region who disagree with the current situation in the communal services field must unite with supporters of the Communist stance to defend their rights, said Sergei Selivankin, lawyer, assistant to the head of the CPRF faction in the Moscow city Duma Andrei Klychkov, during the city-wide communal affairs ...

Internationalist soldiers lay flowers to Afghan Gates monument in Penza

27.02.16 14:57 | Society

Hero of the Soviet Union Colonel General Valery Vostrotin, General Lieutenant Victor Vasilyev, Geleral Major Evgeny Raskhodchikov, Colonel Leonid Seleznev and other internationalist soldiers laid flowers to the Afghan Gates memorial complex during their visit to Penza on ...

Penza road repair crews to be working in two shifts

27.02.16 13:07 | Society

The work on the Penza roads in state of disrepair will proceed even at nighttime, Alexei Yemelin, supervising foreman of “Penzadormost,” reported to the mayor Victor Kuvaytsev and the vice mayor Yuri Ilyin.

Georgy Kamnev lists key problems in Penza communal services field

27.02.16 12:49 | Communal Services

The key problems of the Penza communal services field are the non-transparent billing system for used resources, “doubled” and “tripled” bills from communal management companies, and low quality of provided service, said Georgy Kamnev, eputy of the Penza region Legislative Aseembly, first secretary of the ...

New elevators to be installed in Arbekovo apt buildings under capital repairs program

27.02.16 12:20 | Communal Services

Several apartment buildings in the Arbekovo residential district of Penza will get upgraded to new elevators over the spring of 2016 under the capital repairs program.

Orhan Novruzov heads Penza Region Foreign Students Association

27.02.16 10:38 | Education

Orhan Novruzov, fifth-year student of the Penza State University from Azerbaijan, has been elected the chairman of the regional Association of Foreign Students during the 2nd report and election conference of the organization that was held at the PSU on Friday, February 26.

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