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5 May 2016

Penza technopark “Rameev” economic performance improves by 50%

05.05.16 18:09 | Economy

The economic performance of the Penza technopark “Rameev” has improved by 50% in Q1 2016 compared to 2015 year-to-year.

“St. George’s Ribbon” campaign begins in Penza on May 6

05.05.16 17:14 | Society

The activists plan to give away around 6,000 St. George’s ribbons, symbols of the Great Victory, during the “St. George’s Ribbon” campaign that begins at the Sputnik City river embankment on Friday, May 6.

Penza citizens to create “House of Veronika” art installation, paint grand pianos before Jazz May festival

05.05.16 16:01 | Culture

A series of events prefacing Jazz May musical festival in Penza will take place in the city on May 14-15.

Penza “Kontrolpribor” R&D enterprise fences off municipal land plot

05.05.16 15:26 | Society

The Municipal Land Management Department of the Penza city administration established that the Penza R&D enterprise “Kontrolpribor” has unlawfully enclosed a part of land in municipal property while setting up a fence.

Penza swimmer Victoria Andreeva plans to compete in 5 events during Olympic Games

05.05.16 14:23 | Sport

The Penza swimmer Victoria Andreeva, who successfully qualified to join the Russian Olympic team by breaking the national record, plans to test her skills in five events during the Olympics, her coach Galina Dolgova said during the press conference held on Thursday, May 5.

New “no waiting” road sections to appear on Penza streets

05.05.16 11:01 | Society

The Penza authorities have approved a number of new “no waiting” sections on the city roads, where stopping will be prohibited and violators will be towed.

Penza region school students to compete in radioelectronic devices assembly

05.05.16 10:11 | Society

Penza will host the regional speed radioelectronic devices assembly competition “Radiotechnics and Children” on Friday, May 6.

Around 300 girl gymnasts will participate in “Sura Spring” countrywide competition in Penza

05.05.16 09:51 | Sport

Around 300 girl gymnasts coming from 25 Russian regions will be participating in the “Sura Spring” rhythmic gymnastics competition that will take place at the Penza “Burtasy” sports palace on May 608.

Penza authorities to plant new trees in Zarya resid area during local cleaning on Friday

05.05.16 09:42 | Society

The Penza authorities will be planting new trees in the Zarya residential area of the city during the cleaning day on Friday, May 6.

One dead, two injured as two cars crash into one another in Mokshansk area

05.05.16 09:23 | Incidents

One person died and two received injuries as a Ford Mondeo and a Chevrolet Aveo crashed into each other at the 605th km of the M5 “Ural” federal highway section within the Mokshansk area of the Penza region.

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