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15 June 2016

Court verdict: Tuzov to pay 265,000 rubles to PenzaNews for photo copyright infringement

15.06.16 20:15 | Society

The individual businessman Alexander Tuzov is to pay a compensation of 265,000 rubles to “VolgaInterMedia” for illegal use of PenzaNews copyrighted photos, in accordance with the verdict of the Penza region Arbitration Court that has been announced by judge ...

Medical workers honored in Penza

15.06.16 18:20 | Medicine

A festive event for doctors, nurses and other people in the medical field, dedicated to Medical Workers Day, was held at “Penza” cinema and concert hall on Wednesday, June 15.

Twelve Penza region school graduates earn 100 points in Russian language Unified State Exam

15.06.16 15:17 | Education

A total of 12 graduates of Penza region schools excelled at the Unified State Exam in Russian language, where they earned 100 points out of 100.

New farm in Staraya Potlovka village to help collect funds for St. Anna Church restoration

15.06.16 14:40 | Religion

A cattle and vegetable farm will appear in Staraya Potlovla village in the Penza region to help fund the restoration and functioning of the St. Martyr Anna Church, the chairman of the church’s council Alexander Mramornov told PenzaNews.

Lavrenty Zagoskin contest in Penza receives over 200 literary works

15.06.16 14:07 | Culture

Over 200 poems, stories and scientific novels were sent to the Lavrenty Zagoskin literary contest “Following the Guiding Star” held in the Penza region by the Russian Geographical Society together with the “Nation’s Potential” civil council.

Over 100 Penza region representatives go to iVolga-2016 forum

15.06.16 13:12 | Society

A Penza region delegation of 110 people left for the Volga Federal District youth forum i-Volga-2016, which will be taking place at the Mastryukovskye Lakes in the Samara region on June 15-25.

Fraudster who ran from Penza with 3 million rubles detained in Anapa

15.06.16 11:31 | Crime

A 56-year-old Penza citizen was detained in Anapa after he became wanted in the nation under a large-scale fraud criminal case.

Penza to hold interregional conference for youth innovation center heads

15.06.16 11:16 | Education

The Volodarsky health resort in Penza will host an interregional conference for heads of youth innovation center heads “Youth Innovation Center Community” on July 16-18.

Rosselkhoznadzor monitors Savannah cat’s travel from Penza to United States

15.06.16 10:26 | Society

Rosselkhoznadzor issued an international veterinary certificate for a Savannah cat that will travel from the Penza region to the United States, after all necessary procedures.

Gymnasts from Volga, Ural Federal Districts, Kazakhstan undergo training at Penza “Burtasy”

15.06.16 10:08 | Sport

The Penza sports palace “Burtasy” is currently holding two gymnastics training camps at once.

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