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5 September 2016

“Harvest Festival” to be held in Penza on September 10-11

05.09.16 15:32 | Society

“Harvest Festival” will be held on Lenina Square in Penza in the coming weekend, September 10-11.

Metal Bear moved from Penza center to Arbekovo

05.09.16 14:52 | Society

A Bear art object, which was installed last week in Penza near “Fontan” bus-stop without coordination with the authorities, was moved Arbekovo district, “Onezhsky” mall on Prospekt Stroiteley Street.

Residents to Penza mayor: Too many election campaigning banners on streets

05.09.16 13:43 | Politics

Number of appeals addressed to the mayor of Penza Victor Kuvaytsev from citizens outraged by the abundance of campaign materials on light poles, bus stops and house entrances, increased significantly, the press service of the city administration told PenzaNews.

Latvian organist Aivars Kalējs to perform in Penza

05.09.16 12:07 | Culture

The organist of the Riga Dome Cathedral Aivars Kalējs will give a concert in Penza Regional Philharmonic for the first time on September 29.

Meal benefits to remain in Penza schools

05.09.16 11:16 | Education

Measures of social support provided to students for school meals will remain in Penza in the new 2016-2017 school year.

140 thousand hectares of winter crops sown in Penza

05.09.16 11:00 | Agriculture

Currently, 140 thousand hectares are sown with winter crops in the Penza region. This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture of the region Andrey Burlakov at an operational meeting in the regional government on Monday, September 5.

Penza regional average salary in agriculture amounts to 21.5 thousand rubles

05.09.16 10:40 | Economy

Average salary in the agricultural organizations of the Penza region for the period from January to July 2016 amounted to 21,547 rubles.

Penza region ranked second in Volga Federal District for production of sausage products

05.09.16 10:26 | Agriculture

The Penza region is ranked second in the Volga Federal District in terms of production growth of sausage products in the first seven months of 2016.

Penza clusters to take part in 8 international and national exhibitions in autumn

05.09.16 10:18 | Economy

26 enterprises of the three clusters operating in the Penza region, will participate in the international and national exhibitions, which will be held in Moscow from September to November.

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