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6 September 2017

Penza residents to test mechanisms recreated by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings

06.09.17 17:31 | Culture

The contact exhibition "Da Vinci's live mechanics" was opened in Penza K.A. Savitsky picture gallery on Wednesday, September 6. The exhibition consists of 30 wooden mechanisms created by the Saint-Petersburg studio "Sampo".

Penza resident loses money agreeing about loan of 1.2 million roubles on Internet

06.09.17 17:10 | Crime

A young man from Penza became a victim of fraud as a result of communication with a stranger on the social network "Vkontakte", who promised that a well-known bank would give him a loan of 1,200,000 roubles. This was reported by the press service of the regional department ...

Captain of Penza Diesel believes that victories help to unite renewed team

06.09.17 16:51 | Sport

The captain of the Penza club Diesel, which competes in the premier hockey league, Andrei Kuzmin is convinced that upcoming victories will help to unite the renewed team before the start of the 2017-2018 season.

Penza Diesel pays off 70% of debts

06.09.17 16:25 | Sport

The Penza Diesel from the premier hockey league, over which external control had previously been established, paid off 70% of debts to players and creditors. This was reported by the club's executive director Vadim Bogatsov.

New uniform of Diesel club presented in Penza

06.09.17 15:14 | Sport

A new uniform of the Diesel club, which the players will wear during games of the premier hockey league championship of the years 2017-2018, was presented in the sports and entertainment complex "Diesel-Arena" in Penza on Wednesday, September 6.

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