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Kuznetsk ex-mayor Alexei Dodonov suspected as kiosk fraud scheme organizer

15:11 | 22.12.2015 | Society


Penza, 22 December 2015. PenzaNews. Alexei Dodonov, former deputy administration head of Kuznetsk city in the Penza region, who currently remains under house arrest due to a criminal case on taking a bribe, is also suspected of illegal business interference.

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“The check has sown that the vice-mayor from 1 October to 11 November 2015 abused his office for profit and alternated the procurement auction for right to install kiosks in Kuznetsk city to tailor it for a certain individual businessman, damaging the rights and lawful interests of two other businessmen who took part in the auction,” Yulia Makarova, Senior Assistant Attorney of the region in Media Relations, informed PenzaNews agency on Tuesday, December 22.

The prosecutor of Kuznetsk has directed the check results to the relevant authorities, she added.

“They generated a criminal case under Part 1, Art. 169 of the Criminal Code, ‘Obstruction of Legal Business or Other Activity’,” Yulia Makarova clarified.

As PenzaNews agency reported earlier, Alexei Dodonov faces a criminal case under paragraph C, Part. 5, Art. 290 of the Criminal Code, “Taking a Bribe.”

Based on the information provided by the press service of the prosecutor’s office, he personally took a bribe of 175,000 rubles while in an office of a Kuznetsk-based commercial company on November 11. The money were provided from an individual businessman who sought to secure the agreements to install kiosks in Kuznetsk.

As a result, the vice-mayor Alexei Dodonov was discharged from the office on November 11 – the day of detention – under Part 3, Art. 77 of the Labor Code.

The mayor of Kuznetsk Sergei Zlatogorsky, in his comment for PenzaNews agency, said his deputy showed negative incidents before the incident. According to him, Alexei Dodonov was already in the process of being laid off before getting caught red-handed, due to serious allegations against him. 

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