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18 January 2012

Train with nuclear waste may pass through Penza

18.01.12 16:00 | Society

The train transporting nuclear waste from the Leningrad atomic power station to Closed Administrative Territorial Unit Zheleznogorsk or Krasnoyarsk-26 may pass through Penza.

Orthodox believers celebrate Epiphany Eve

18.01.12 13:44 | Society

Orthodox believers of the Penza region celebrate Epiphany Eve on January 18. This is the eve of Epiphany or the Baptism of the Lord, one of the greatest Orthodox holidays. Orthodox tradition holds that Epiphany Eve is a day of fasting in memory of the tragic fate of John the Forerunner who baptized Jesus in the Jordan river and was ...

Beautification of Jewish cemetery to be completed soon in Penza

18.01.12 12:18 | Society

Beautification of the Jewish cemetery commenced in 2008 will be completed soon in Penza.

“Electronic Reception of President of Russian Federation” opens in Kuznetsk

18.01.12 11:38 | Society

An electronic terminal “Electronic reception of the President of the Russian Federation” was installed in the building of the administration of the town of Kuznetsk of the Penza region.

Penza school of gymnastics received 1 million rubles for Olympians training

18.01.12 10:34 | Sport

Children-youth sport school of Olympic reserve on gymnastics of the Penza region received 1 million rubles grant for training the candidates for national teams of the Russian Federation.

Traffic police to monitor closely compliance with taxi law — Sergey Builov

18.01.12 10:23 | Society

Personnel of the State Inspection for Road Traffic Safety (SIRTS) will monitor closely compliance with the new law on taxis throughout the Penza region. Chief of the regional office of SIRTS of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation Sergey Builov made this ...

Getting license not a problem for Penza taxi drivers — Yury Bykov

18.01.12 09:15 | Economy

There are minimum requirements for Penza taxi drivers to get permits for providing passenger and luggage transport services, according to deputy chair of the government, head of the Department of Industry, Transport and Energy of the Penza region Yury Bykov who spoke at a meeting with representatives of taxi dispatch services on ...

Handbook for justice system professionals published in Penza

18.01.12 08:18 | Society

A handbook for justice system professionals entitled “Basics of professional writing” was published in the Penza region under the editorial guidance of Head of the Regional Office of the Judicial Department Marina Danevskaya.

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