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10 September 2012

Roman Chernov: Situation of public transportation is “critical” in Penza

10.09.12 18:40 | Society

The head of Penza administration Roman Chernov described the situation of public transport as “critical,” reporting on the progress in this area at the operational meeting in the regional government on Monday, September 10. “Currently, credit indebtedness ...

Vasily Bochkarev summed up first results of Penza business delegation visit to China

10.09.12 16:41 | Economy

The governor of the Penza region Vasily Bochkarev summed up the first results of the business delegation visit of the region to the economic forum in China at a press conference on Monday, September 10.

Former prisoner convicted of murder out of jealousy

10.09.12 16:29 | Incidents

21-year-old employee of Penza penal colony found guilty of an offense under part 1, Art. 105 of the Criminal Code “Murder.”

Olga Zelenina was allowed to meet with her husband

10.09.12 15:30 | Incidents

The Head of the chemical-analytical laboratory of Penza Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture Olga Zelenina, detained on suspicion of giving false expert opinion to the requests in criminal cases related to food poppy, was allowed to meet with her husband on Wednesday, September 12.

5,6 million rubles collected for church construction in Zarechny

10.09.12 13:21 | Society

Over 5,690 thousand rubles were collected for the construction of the Birth of Christ Church in Zarechny, the Penza region.

Actor Anton Makarsky native of Penza became father

10.09.12 11:36 | Society

Popular actor and singer Anton Makarsky, born in Penza, became a father.

59 houses are without hot water in Penza

10.09.12 09:58 | Society

59 apartment buildings are left without hot water in Penza, as of the morning on September 10. The head of Penza administration Roman Chernov told this to the governor Vasily Bochkarev during the meeting in the Government of the region. “Tomorrow hot water supply will be resumed in 43 houses. In other apartment buildings hot ...

Penza governor lost 17 positions in information transparency rating

10.09.12 08:45 | Politics

The governor of the Penza region Vasily Bochkarev took the 47th place in information openness rating of heads of the regions, made by “National Service of Monitoring” together with “Institute of Independent Political Researches” in August, 2012.

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