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19 December 2014

Electronics prices grew several times over past week

19.12.14 18:44 | Society

Prices for imported electronics in some Penza stores grew several times during the past working week.

Massive foreign car demand registered in Penza due to exchange rate instability

19.12.14 17:55 | Society

Excessive demand for foreign cars is registered in Penza showrooms in connection with the dollar and euro instability.

Agency check against two traffic police officers scheduled in Shemysheyka

19.12.14 16:06 | Society

Investigative department of internal security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Penza region has begun an official investigation in relation to two traffic police officers from Shemysheyka who were caught with signs of drug intoxication.

FPS: Oleg Totsky serving sentence in penal colony No. 12 near Penza

19.12.14 15:14 | Society

The well-known Penza businessman Oleg Totsky, chairman of the local branch of “Opora Rossii,” sentenced to two years in prison for a fatal traffic accident and will serve it in the penal colony No.12 located in Sosnovka village of Bessonovsky area, Andrei Popkov, FPS spokesman, told PenzaNews agency on December 19.

MegaFon says Penza region network ready for New Year

19.12.14 11:09 | Society

MegaFon has increased the cellphone network bandwidth by 50-100% in the eve of the yuletide celebration.

15-year old jailed for raping 13-year girl in Penza region

19.12.14 10:18 | Incidents

A 15-year old Penza region citizen was found guilty of raping an underage girl.

Investigators: boy allegedly fed by goat lives in appropriate conditions

19.12.14 10:04 | Society

The investigators found no proof of the news that a little boy is living in a house in the Belinsky are of the Penza region in the same room with a female goat that feeds him milk, said Lyudmila Fomina, Senior Assistant of the Head of the Investigative Department of the city ...

Interactive people encyclopedia planned in Penza region

19.12.14 09:43 | Society

The Penza region authorities plan to assemble a people encyclopedia with the help of the citizens themselves.

Around 800 female sex workers put on police watch in Penza region

19.12.14 09:35 | Incidents

Around 800 female sex workers have been arrested and put on watch in the Penza region, the press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs branch told PenzaNews agency.

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