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25 December 2014

Match between striker-“Diesel” and “Kaztsink-Torpedo” began in Penza

25.12.14 19:15 | Sport

Home match between club “Diesel” and team “Kaztsink-Torpedo,” which was in jeopardy due to the strike declared by Penza hockey players based on non-payment, started in sports and entertainment complex “Diesel Arena” at 19.00 on Thursday, ...

Penza administration discussed architecture of building to be constructed near Legislative Assembly

25.12.14 17:32 | Society

Discussion of the draft of a low-rise building to be constructed on Kirova Street near the Legislative Assembly of the region and the military hospital, became one of the main topics of the City Planning Council meeting held in the administration of Penza on Thursday, ...

Olga Alimova: deputy Nikolai Pankov heralded as new Penza governor

25.12.14 16:55 | Politics

The chairman of the agricultural committee in the Russian Duma Nikolai Pankov for United Russia faction may end up leading the Penza region as early as in summer of 2015, said the deputy of the Russian Duma from CPRF Olga Alimova during her yearly press conference in Saratov city on Thursday, December 25.

Penza teenager fined 7,000 rubles for punching police officer

25.12.14 16:53 | Incidents

A 17-year-old Penza citizen was found guilty of using violence against a state servant.

Heavy snowfall caused traffic problems in Penza

25.12.14 16:38 | Society

Heavy snowfall in Penza caused massive traffic jams on the city streets on Thursday, December 25.

Volga Sberbank management told public of bank’s new routine in current circumstances

25.12.14 15:42 | Economy

Top management members of the Volga branch of the Sberbank of Russia answered urgent and stressing economy answers to regional journalists during a press conference on Wednesday, December 24. The event was a part of a large video conference that involved the chairman of the ...

Gymnast Aliya Mustafina will take part in governor’s meeting with sportsmen

25.12.14 13:30 | Sport

A renowned Russian gymnast Aliya Mustafina who chose to train under Sergei Starkin, Penza coach of Denis Ablyazin, will take part in the meeting with the governor Vasily Bochkarev.

Mikhail Lermontov’s 200th anniversary concluded in Penza with big concert

25.12.14 12:03 | Culture

A poetic performance on the main scene of the Penza regional Philarmonic Hall on Wednesday, December 24, has concluded a set of events organized to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the poet Mikhail Lermontov.

Meeting with gymnast Denis Ablyazin planned at Penza youth center

25.12.14 11:50 | Sport

A meeting with Denis Ablyazin, the award-winner of 2012 Olympics and the 2014 world free calisthenics champion, will take place at the Penza youth center on Friday, December 26.

Two homeless men received food rations and clothing in Zheleznodorozhny area of Penza

25.12.14 11:26 | Society

Two homeless men were located during a raid in Zheleznodorozhny area of Penza city.

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