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9 January 2015

Indoor soccer tournament among foreign students held at PSU

09.01.15 15:57 | Sport

The second winter indoor soccer tournament among the foreign students studying in Penza city was held at the Penza State University.

Christmas celebration held in Penza Drama Theater

09.01.15 15:45 | Society

An Orthodox Christmas celebration was held in the Penza Lunacharsky Drama Theater on Friday, January 9. It was organized by the fund of family, motherhood and childhood support “Pokrov,” the Penza archdiocese, and the Moscow childhood charity fund “Alexander.”

Penza citizen tried hijacking four cars, failed each time

09.01.15 15:37 | Incidents

A 26-year old Penza citizen was arrested by the police and confessed to trying to hijack four cars parked on Kalinina street.

Woman from Novosibirsk, alleged killer of young man, arrested in Penza

09.01.15 15:27 | Incidents

A 19-year old female resident of Novosibirsk was arrested on suspicion of killing a young man of her age. The body of the victim was found in a flat on Lyadova street in the city.

Penza citizen caught in fraud trying to buy BMW X5

09.01.15 15:22 | Incidents

A 66-year old Penza citizen got caught in an online fraud. He transferred 47 thousand rubles to an unidentified woman, an alleged owner of a BMW X5, as an advance payment for the car.

Renowned Russian psychiatry practitioner Vyacheslav Belousov is 60

09.01.15 15:09 | Society

Vyacheslav Belousov, a renowned Russian doctor, high achiever of medicine, the first practitioner to use electrophysiological tests in psychiatry, deputy chief medical officer of the Penza regional Evgrafov psychiatric hospital, celebrates his 60th birthday on Friday, January 9.

121 PFEs, 30 family farms to open in Penza region this year

09.01.15 14:57 | Economy

The Penza region officials plan to open 121 peasant farm enterprises (PFEs) and 30 family-owned cattle farms in 2015, the press service of the regional government informed PenzaNews agency on Friday, January 9.

Woman, 8-year-old daughter died in house fire

09.01.15 14:32 | Incidents

A 26-year old woman and her 8-year old daughter have died in a wooden house fire on Ostrovnaya street in Penza on Friday, January 9.

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