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20 July 2015

Penza stops receiving gubernatorial election candidate document submissions

20.07.15 19:11 | Politics

The Penza region election committee closed the admission for new candidates for gubernatorial election in the Penza region on Sunday, July 19, the committee chairman Nikolai Taktarov announced on Monday, July 20.

Vadim Bogatskov of “Diesel” club: Looking forward to cash in all debts by year’s end

20.07.15 17:54 | Sport

The Penza professional hockey club “Diesel” plans to cash in all its debts by the end of 2015, its executive director Vadim Bogatskov announced during the press conference on Monday, July 20.

Penza city head Victor Kuvaytsev holds meeting with citizens

20.07.15 14:48 | Society

The head of Penza city Victor Kuvaytsev held a meeting with citizens in the receiving office of the United Russia party chairman Dmitry Medvedev on Monday, July 20. He met with 10 people, many of them worried by land plot and urban amenity issues.

Italian E.A.N Agency S.r.L. to build greenhouse complex in Penza

20.07.15 14:14 | Economy

The acting governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev met the representatives of Italian E.A.N Agency S.r.L. on Monday, July 20, to discuss potential investment project aimed at constructing the first tier of a year-round greenhouse complex in the Serdobsk area agro-industrial park.

Penza summer school “TeenGrad” finishes

20.07.15 11:17 | Society

The official closing ceremony of the summer school “TeenGrad,” a part of the regional interdepartmental program for children and youth innovative science populatization “1000-list-nick,” has beel held in the Penza Olympic reserve school.

Penza drama theater wins financial grant to put “The Left-Hand Path” play on stage

20.07.15 10:45 | Culture

The expert council of the state contest of modern drama play under the provision of the Russian Ministry of Culture has approved the application of the regional Lunacharsky Drama Theater for the play “The Left-Hand Path” after the script of Olga Mikhaylova, a ...

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