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31 July 2015

“Yabloko” party leader calls for ban on moving Stalin monument to Penza city center

31.07.15 14:13 | Politics

Sergei Mitrokhin, chairman of the Russian united democratic party “Yabloko,” addressed the prosecutor of the Leninsky area in the Penza region Evgeny Zuilin with a request to warn Georgy Kamnev, deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, first secretary of the ...

96 twins born in Penza region over last six months

31.07.15 14:02 | Society

A total of 96 twins were born in the Penza region in the first half of 2015.

Ivan Belozertsev discussed Penza heating season preparation with “T Plus” top management

31.07.15 11:31 | Society

The acting governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev and the general director of “T Plus” Boris Vaynsikher discussed preparation for the upcoming heating season in the regional government hall on Friday, July 31.

“Kuvaka” general director to possibly receive Penza region Honorary Citizen status

31.07.15 10:05 | Society

The general director of “Kuvaka” Kamil Devlikamov may receive the status of the Honorary Citizen of the Penza Region.

Penza experts to create development program for production-engineering cluster

31.07.15 09:53 | Economy

A group of experts, comprised of science and education professionals together with heads of enterprises, began creating a development program for the Penza region engineering and production cluster “Biomed.”

Best Penza grader operator wins Lada Granta car in contest

31.07.15 09:28 | Society

Igor Sovetkin of TSU No. 1 won a Lada Granta car in the contest of grader operators in the Penza region, the press service of the regional Ministry of Construction and Urban Amenities informed PenzaNews agency.

Correspondence ethics discussed during Penza region area heads meeting

31.07.15 09:18 | Politics

Increasing the effectiveness of letter exchange with citizens was one of the main topics of the videoconference meeting held by the acting deputy chairman of the Penza region government Valery Savin with the regional area heads on Thursday, July 30.

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