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12 November 2015

APF experts ask about growing cerebral palsy occurrence among Penza region newborn

12.11.15 16:07 | Society

The growing occurrence of cerebral palsy among the newborn in the Penza region was one of the focal points of the visit of the November 12 meeting between an expert group, led by the APF Healthcare Quality and Availability Monitoring Center, State Duma deputy Nikolai ...

Kuznetsk mayor claims his deputy showed negative tendencies before latter’s arrest

12.11.15 13:03 | Politics

The arrest of Alexei Dodonov, deputy administration head of Kusnetsk city in the Penza region, who is accused of taking a large-scale bribe from a local individual businessman, was a logical outcome with apparent previous signs pointing towards it, the mayor of Kuznetsk ...

Alexei Dodonov fired from Kuznetsk administration after taking bribe

12.11.15 12:01 | Society

Alexei Dodonov, deputy administration head of Kuznetsk city in the Penza region, who is accused of taking a large-scale bribe, was fired from the Kuznetsk city hall under Part 3, Art. 77 of the Labor Codex on Wednesday, November 11 – the day he was detained by the authorities, the head press speaker of the institution Kira ...

Kuznetsk vice-mayor detained for taking 175-thousand-ruble bribe

12.11.15 11:21 | Incidents

Alexei Dodonov, deputy administration head in Kuznetsk city of the Penza region, is accused of taking a large-scale bribe.

Over 60% Penza MegaFon customers frequently use personal area service

12.11.15 11:09 | Society

The amount of MegaFon users in the Penza region who are frequently using the mobile provider’s personal area service has increased up to nearly 60% from the start of 2015.

Pushkina street apt building residents file complaint on Penza vice-mayor’s rudeness

12.11.15 10:27 | Society

The residents of an apartment building No. 43 on Pushkina street have filed a joint complaint to the Grigory Kamnev deputy center, where they requested to pay more attention towards the conduct of the Penza vice-mayor Yuri Ilyin living in the apartment building nearby, who ...

Elderly Penza woman, 78, gives away 200,000 rubles to scammer

12.11.15 09:45 | Society

An elderly woman in Penza, 78, ended up a victim of a scammer who convinced her that her son hit a man in a road accident and urgently needs money to escape criminal prosecution.

Heavy transport limitations to be introduced in Penza on December 3

12.11.15 09:26 | Society

The Penza authorities will be imposing new limitations on heavy transport traffic in the city from December 3, 2015, which will last until March 31, 2016.

Unorthodox Penza communal services block off large pothole with broken chair

12.11.15 09:19 | Society

The communal services of Penza city have taken an unorthodox approach to repairing a large pothole by the viaduct approach from Baumana street – by filling the hole in asphalt with soil during the wet weather, thus making the whole road dirty, and marking the dangerous ...

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